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So basically a tournament where you have to pick your 6 characters and I'll match them up with other users' teams. There has to be at 8 participants at least.
**Despite the class score being terribly wrong...**
- You can choose 2 characters that have 10 or below points
- You can choose 1 character with 11 - 50 points
- You can choose 1 character with 51 - 100 points
- You can choose 1 character above 100 points
- You CAN'T choose these characters:
*The One-Above-All
*The Presence
*The Great Evil Beast
*The Beyonder
*Elaine Belloc
*The Fulcrum
*The Writer/Stan Lee
or anything omnipotent or near it


Find me a match
Deathstroke (10)
Spider-Man (10)
Captain atom (37)
Mr. mxyzlpc (54)
Spectre Azrael (108) there
Sorry, but the tournament already started. However, I might start another one in near future.
Over(rated) monitor isn't Omnipotent.
Okay, the matchups are:
@AkhilPDX x @SirSpidey
@EmptyHand x @MakeMineMarvel
@DarkProdigy x @Marvel500
@ElectroSpino x @Soratoumiga
Users who picked the team CAN vote, but their votes won't be counted in the real matches lmao.
voted on all of em
@AkhilPDX's team moves on with ease.
@SirSpidey was, with ease, and swiftly eliminated by @AkhilPDX's team.
@EmptyHand was barely eliminated, mainly due to lack of votes.
@DarkProtiji won against @Marvel500's team.
@ElectroSpino won against mine team.
Next matches:
@AkhilPDX x @MakeMineMarvel
@DarkProtiji x @ElectroSpino
Zatanna, Mangog (gg)
Doctor Fate, Shuma Gorath (gg)
Protege (gg)
If no one joins soon, I'll pick a team, and start...
Okay I'm joining....
****. Guess im not picking the living tribunal
You can actually.
Only one more contestant.
1+ years member.
Arthur Dayne (4)
Wally West (10)
Final Form Ultron (31)
One Above All (22)
Destiny of the Endless (70)
Nyarlathotep (140)
I choose:
Quicksilver and Spider-Man (10 or under)
Doctor strange (11 - 50)
Thanos (infinity gauntlet) (51 - 100)
Old king Phoenix Thor (100+)
You can choose one more from 11-50 range.
Then I choose Iron man (endosym armour).
What does the point system mean. What kind of characters are below 10 points, 11 to 15 points, etc.
That means the class score on this website. For example, Superman is a 28, Darkseid is a 51, Odin is a 68 etc.
1+ years member.
Raven, Etrigan (gg)
Emperor Joker, Black Racer
Dark Monitor (gg)
True Mikaboshi (gg)
5+ years member.
Medusa, Crystal, Wonder Woman, Molecule Man
Empty hand
Typo, it's 2 "11-50 characters".
2+ years member.
Rune King Thor
Let him choose RKT. He gon' die first anyway lol. You can choose only one character though, any character, just don't let that character be weak like RKT. That's only an advice, not a rule.
You know, you can actually use Beyonder.
2+ years member.
Vixen, Spider-Man, Oblivion, HOTU Thanos, Lucifer Morningstar, Franklin Richards (Adult)
You have to either kick Lucifer or HOTU Thanos, and add someone from 11 - 50 class. Then it's okay.
2+ years member.
HOTU Thanos is more powerful, so I'll keep him, and I'll add Death Seed Sentry.
He's not but nevermind, DSS works.
Lucifer is way-way above HOTU Thanos
2+ years member.
Well, no he isn't, but SORA! I'm changing from HOTU Thanos to Lucifer, but HOTU is a weapon of TOAA and I think he is WAY too close to omnipotence, so I'm changing back to Lucifer.

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