Ben 10 Alien B-day Battle

Created by UnusOf2029, 9 mo 3 d ago.

January: BigChill, Swampfire, Juryrigg
February: Cannonbolt, Humungosaur, Upgrade
March: Fasttrack, Stinkfly, Rath
April: Water Hazard, Wildmutt, Chrashhopper
May: Wildvine, Jetray, Bullfrag
June: Feedback, XLR8, Ripjaws
July: Heatblast, Frankenstrike, Molestache
August: Goop, Snare-Oh, Pesky Dust
September: Brainstorm, Gutrot, Diamondhead
October: Blitzwolfer, Whampire, NRG
November: Upchuck, Chromastone, Echo Echo
December: Fourarms, Eatle, Artciguana

You can switch through all 3 at will
You guys know the rest of the rules by now.

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