Battle Royale feature?

Created by HolyJoe, 3 y 11 mo 24 d ago.

I've had this little idea for quite some time since I've been on this website: Battle Royale.

Here's how it works: You get to create a battle with three or more characters facing off against each other. They can be from the same or different company respectively and given attributes like this version of the website has.

I feel like it would be beneficiary to the site, bringing in a little variation. Seeing a fight between only two characters has gotten a little bland in my opinion. But that's just me. What do you guys think? Do you like this idea? Leave your thoughts down below!


Mr_Incognito 1 y 9 mo 2 d
Battle Royale feature?
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@Galactus Is this a possibility any time soon?
Kanine88 3 y 11 mo 23 d
Battle Royale feature?
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@Galactus I love the idea. I believe the winner should be voted, and the rest explained in thought/comments. (Option 2)
Will there be a multiple teams option as well?
For example:
3v3v3v3? Or will it be strictly 12 individual fighters?
You rock @Galactus
Galactus 3 y 11 mo 23 d
Battle Royale feature?
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Battle Royale mode has been on my feature list for a while and will be available in the next mayor update. (No release date yet)
The idea is as you described, with a maximum character count of ~12.
I have two possible ways to 'vote':
1. Just pick a winner. (Simplest to build)
2. You set an order in which the characters will stay 'alive' the longest. The top spot will be the winner.

There is a combination: You pick a winner (like option 1) and in your comments you can do as option 2 described.

What do you think? Is 12 enough or too many? Ideas on the way to vote?
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DarkProdigy 3 y 11 mo 23 d
Battle Royale feature?
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I feel the pick a winner would be better, some people may not be bothered to rank them and just want to pick a winner. I like the idea of picking a winner and then ordering them in the comments if you would like