Avengers 4 (2019)

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I'm hoping Nebula gets the Gauntlet as she does in comics . Or they introduce Adam Warlock
At the end of the movie they should introduce Mistress Death as she takes Thanos to Hel
Who beat Thanos is Avengers 4 Captain Marvel or [url=https://www.moviesjacket.com/chris-pratt-guardians-of-the-galaxy-2-jacket]Star lord Jacket[/url]
I think Iron man
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Avengers 4 (2019)
So we have seen photos of the set what looks to be like Ant-Man back in the first avengers film which means he goes back in time. As we saw in Ant-man and The Wasp, Scott is stuck in the quantum realm where time is relative so I believe he will somehow go back in time and either somehow save them from dying like in Infinity War, I'm interested to see what they do, or I'd like to see Nebula get the gauntlet somehow with the help of Captain Marvel, whatever the decide to do with her character.
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Lionman is coming for Thanos... Be afraid Mad Titan... Because you're facing a being strong as Hulk, as skilled as Captain America, fast as Quicksilver, and as Intelligent as Ironman... Bring your Gauntlet... Good luck!
Apparently Hulk will wear the Gauntlet Iron Man will make and defeat him. And Captain America will be used as a sacrifice for the Soul Stone then Tony dies somehow. It's vague but the puzzle will be completed next year.
Who will demolish Thanos in Avengers 4?
*Iron Man
*Scarlet Witch
*Captain America
These are most likely to kill him, elmo.
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I think some other will come and defeat Thanos mayne not even hero.
Maybe someone Like Eternity or Living Tribunal will show up, but I think Thanos will be killed through Avengers' teamwork.
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Hmh i the comics Thanos defeat Eternity, but yeah will be something like this.
Thanos is a lot weaker in MCU than in 616. But I really, really hope we'll see someone like Eternity showing up.
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This already happened and Thor completely decimated Thanos
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Iron Man or Captain America should be the ones to kill Thanos. Preferably Iron Man.
Yeah, they're the most iconic MCU Avengers.
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drax does not even have a single chance against him
gamora to
nebula to
iron man mcu whitout his new suit has a chance against thanos mcu whitout ig
whit his new suit he has a chance against ig thanos
wanda only has a chance if thanos has no ig
captain never has a chance
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Continue here please.
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i think antman will become little and steal all infinty stones
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then he still wanted the infinity stones back so he will kill antman and then groot will defeat him
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carachter who will beat him are
iron fist
iron man
tony stark
iron spider
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not beat him but put up a good fight
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