Assassins creed vs Dishonored

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The Assassins creed vs characters of dishonored I wanna here your opinions on who would win if the game universes met


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Don't for get daud ,Emily ,billy ,the outsider,and Delilah
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I'm mostly wanting ezio to fight daud or corvo in a fight
If Corvo uses his powers he OBLITERATES ezio. Without powers Ezio 6/10 times. Better assassin: Probably same.
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Tbh, I've only ever played Assassin's Creed 3 and Syndicate (A little bit of Rogue, but I hated it) Also, a probably important side note, I have no idea what Dishonored is 😅
@IMABATMAN Want to check my video out?
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Think a assassins creed meets bioshock
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@windshadow, That was really well made and accurate, good job!
@Dcfan123, Looks fun, I might get it eventually. Is it an open world like Assassin's Creed?
Did you think you would disagree with ANYTHING?
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Somewhat is mostly first person with choices each choice you make changes the weather the people and the environment so pick carefully on your choices I always evil ending 1 for dishonored 1
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(Sorry for the late reply, I had to do something) Really I just think Kabuto should be higher than all the reanimations, apart from Nagato and the four Hokage. I also think Indra/Asura should be above Toneri, but that's just speculation.
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What you think if ezio met corvo or daud who do you think would win if ezio met one of those I say daud dud him have having his on gang the "Whalers" with black magic
I've tried both games and Assassins Creed is vastly more fun to play.
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I'm thinking of giving assassins creed odyssey a try and maybe giving the franchise a second chance since rouge remastered came as a download got me up set but I like dishonored better due to multiple ending I have daud get the good ending and corvo or Emily get the bad ending
Assassins creed used to be good. I'm talking about 1 and 2. Dishonored 2 is pretty boring like the rest of Assassins creed.
Assassins creed 2>> Assassins Creed 1>>Dishonored>Rest of Assassins Creed games>Dishonored 2.

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