Asguardians vs. Amazonians

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Who would win in an all out battle of, lets say 100,000 Asgaurdian warriors vs. 100,00 Amazonians with Thor commanding the Asguardians and Wonder Woman commanding the Amazonians


strykerwilliams01 210 days ago
The gods of Asgard are much stronger and more durable whilst the amazons are faster and perhaps slightly more skilled however I believe the asgardians have much more military experience (due to them taking part in much more significant wars), a better connection to their commander (Thor who spends much of his time at Asgard weras Wonder Woman stays on earth with the jla most of her time) and therefore better military strategy and overall better armour, firepower and arguably weapons
I believe this goes to the Asgardian Warriors
rhodizel 244 days ago
Amaz have super powerful weapons and very strong heroes. Azguardians have super powerful on both counts . Azguards have fought and beaten alot stronger foes and that experience alone would award them wins in 99 out of 100 situations.
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TAMYOCOM16 258 days ago
Epicversus123 288 days ago
i would definitely say The asguardians
SirSpidey 291 days ago
I dont know who would win at this point. There both combat driven races who have accomplished many great feats.
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