Alright everyone, I wanna know, favorite video game and tell me why? I'd like to discuss it with you.

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Destiny 1, because of it's PvP. PvE sucks though.
I don't really have one, I like a lot of games

Witcher III
Elder scrolls
Assassin's Creed
Call of duty
Etc etc
Oh that's awesome! Any game you say that you play the most or prefer to play? Singleplayer? Multiplayer?
I like multiplayer
Witcher III is a ******* masterpiece
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World of Warcraft, since it has nigh-endless possibilities, many fun quests, interesting storyline and lore behind NPCs, many effects are visually stunning and it gets new content every few months.
So you play PC then? I wanna get a gaming PC but I am SO bad with computer controls, I really wanna play that game someday, just cause it is a classic. I wanna play Star wars the old republic as well
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Yeah, I play on PC usually, and frankly, I recommend it for you to play WoW. It's just stunning.
I'd love to one day! I will check it out.
Wow, it must be super stunning
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Goat simulator games because its a freeplay game and you can do whatever you want you can even play with a t rex .there are 4 versions the regular thats with two different citys. goatz wich survival against zombies. then there is space wich is just in space .then MmO A MULTIPLAYER in different realms. then there is goat sim payday you have a dolphin goat and camel and flamingo and you need to do pranks against humanity . just look gameplay on yt its amazing
I have watched and played Goat simulator it is definitely a fun game if you wanna just mess around for a few hours and do absolutely nothing besides destroy things or watch things explode and glitch out. It is a fun time, I would say.
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The Evil Within 2 😁 idk why just love it
OOOO the horror game? I wanna play those! I have been busy with a few other games right now, but they look really interesting! Have you played Outlast before then? @Suspect
1: Star Fox 64 3D
2: Kid Icarus Uprising
3: Star Fox Zero
4: Sonic Rush
5: Splatoob
Okay I have played most of these games, I am not a huge fan of Kid Icarus but I LOVE the Star Fox games and Splatoon is a very fun game to play whenever you get bored with serious games and that's awesome.
So which ones haven't you played?
Just Sonic Rush
You need to if you have either a ds or a 3ds it's a must have!
Unfortunately I don't have a handheld system! I'll make that investment one day, honestly the last system I had was either a Gameboy Advance and a PSP 😂
Then how did you play Kid Icarus?
I played it on my friends system cause he lended it to me along with the game
Best video game ever made Kid Icarus Uprising! What are your top 5?
I don't know about best game ever made but it's okay. And that's a really good question, all time? Or now?
What do you mean by "All the time or now"
Like best video game EVER made? Or my favorite games right now?
OOF okay.
All Time
5. Super Mario 3
4. Super Mario World
3. Portal
2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1. Shadow of the Colossus

MY favorite games EVER
5. Shadow of the Colossus
4. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
3. Asura's Wrath
2. Red Dead Redemption 2
1. God of War
The second top five is actually my Top Five right now
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Minecraft just because it is so versatile and it has so many things you can do that you really don't get bored if you have an open mind.
See that's what I hear I wanna try to get into minecraft more and play it more often. I've seen a lot of cool things you can do online with other players and also by yourself in creative mode. I need to download it for sure. Would you say Minecraft is a game you could play everyday?
@cw don't, I hate mincraft.
Yeah minecraft is quite good.
OKay @Dark_Wing there is no need to hate on their games like that. What is your favorite game? I'd like to play sometime and I'll look to play with y'all if I ever get the game
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@cw6334 Yeah, if you have the time, it's a game that you can play everyday. Technically, MC is an "everyone" game and if you have little time, you could just make something, or if you have lots of time, you can play intense multiplayer games. I would recommend PC and the controls are really easy. I mastered them myself in a week after getting a painful dental surgery, so I think if you concentrate, you could get it down pretty easily.

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