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6 Team Cosmic Debate!

Created by AkhilPDX, 2 y 11 mo 9 d ago.

Hey guys, this is a new debate between 12 people, kind of like the others, but slightly different. Here, 6 people will team up together to battle another 6 people and their superheroes/villains. It'll be pretty fun, and it is first to come first serve. There will be a character pool of high-cosmic level heroes or villains and if you think a certain character is left out, feel free to ask me. For Marvel, Earth 616 feats will be included, and for DC, only Post-Crisis feats, so New 52, Rebirth, or anything after Pre-Crisis that is canon is OKAY! With that being said, pick a character that you think will be fun to debate, not someone you are guaranteed to win with. Teams will be randomly organized! Have fun! If this goes well, we can do some other characters.