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Voted: Hulk

All you'd have to do is give Hulk a spear tipped in Kryptonite....end of story. Not downing Superman, he's awesome, but Hulk SMASH. Not even Superman is Invincible.
Voted: Carnage

Ever since Carnage was empowered by ChThon's elder magic, it not only gave him the ability to take control of people minds but gave him immunity to sonic waves. Although it didn't give him immunity to fire.
Voted: Iron Man

An obvious win really.
Voted: Spider-Man

This would be a close call, but at the end of the day it would definitely be Spider-Man. Is everyone forgetting the fact that Spider-Man holds back in most of his fights anyway, because if he fought with all of his power for every fight he would do some serious damage to who ever crosses him. That includes Iron Man, suit or no suit. AND it has been proven that Peter Parker is in fact smarter than Tony Stark. Just because Peter didn't go to college when he was supposed to be in middle/high school, doesn't mean anything. Spidey all the way.
Voted: Thor

Hello?? He's a god....that's all I'm going to say.
Voted: Hulk

Iceman is strong, but Hulk is stronger. There is no amount of ice that can hold the Incredible Hulk.

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