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A DC Comics verse.

Publisher DC Comics
Info Flashpoint (Volume 1) was a limited series that ran from 1999 until 2000. It is an Elseworlds story by Pat McGreal and Norm Breyfogle. The Flash has to retire from superhero life after he becomes quadraplegic preventing the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Connections to Flashpoint

Aquaman (Flashpoint) Orin
Aquaman (Flashpoint)
Batman Thomas Wayne
Captain Atom (Flashpoint) Nathaniel Adam
Cyborg (Flashpoint) Victor Stone
Cyborg (Flashpoint)
Deathstroke (Flashpoint) Slade Wilson
Green Lantern (Flashpoint) Hal Jordan
Lex Luthor (Flashpoint) Alexander Luthor
Lois Lane (Flashpoint)
Wonder Woman (Flashpoint) Diana Of Themyscira
Wonder Woman (Flashpoint)
Yo-Yo (Flashpoint )
Yo-Yo (Flashpoint )