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Flash (CW)

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Flash (CW)'s weapons

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Flash (CW)'s equipment

The Flash suit: Barry wears a protective suit as the Flash, to hide his identity when fighting crime, it was designed by Cisco Ramon. The suit is made out of a reinforced tri-polymer and is heat and abrasive resistant, organically designed to replace firefighter turnouts. It was re-purposed to help protect Barry from the vigor's of his speed and survive certain environments. It was also upgraded with various features including sensors to track Barry's vitals, location, power output, speed level, and to stay in contact with S.T.A.R. Labs.

Former equipment

Tachyon unit: After traveling back in time, Barry convinced Eobard Thawne to give him the knowledge of how to produce a Tachyon unit, amplifying his ability to absorb the Speed Force into his system. When using his speed while wearing the device, it also gives Barry the extra benefit of lowering his calorie burning rate to a normal level, allowing him to keep moving longer without drawback. However when Earth Two Harrison Wells later "miniaturized" the device to fit securely beneath the Flash emblem on the suit's chest by using the Speed Force transmitter, this device became useless.

Speed Force transmitter: While testing the tachyon unit, Barry felt some limitations to the machine despite its benefits. Because of this, Harry redesigned the Speed Force transmitter to transfer the tachyons directly into Barry. With its smaller design, it can be concealed under the Flash suit's chest emblem. It also retains all the tachyon unit's benefits with the addition of letting Barry act with less movement restriction and without being weighted-down. It was presumably destroyed when Harrison attempted to restore Barry's powers. Due to his Speed Force connection being enhanced, Barry was able to beat Zoom without it.

Voice filter: After Barry temporarily lost his powers he became unable to naturally disguise his voice. To compensate while talking to Wally West, he was given a voice filter similar to Oliver Queen's. It's unknown whether the device was removed from his suit after he regained his powers, or if it's still inside the suit in case Barry loses his powers again.

No equipment or weapons connected to Flash (CW)