Florence Jones


Flamer's powers and abilities


Cosmic Pyrokinesis

Fiery form that enables flight, serves as damage shield

Heat energy absorption

Resistance to extreme heat

Powers & Abilities

Franky gained a number of superhuman powers as a result of the mutagenic effects of the cosmic radiation he was exposed to, all of which are related to fire. His primary ability to envelop his body in fiery plasma without harm to himself, in which form he is able to fly by providing thrust behind himself with his own flame, and to generate powerful streams and/or balls of flame. He can also manipulate his flame in such a way as to shape it into rings and other forms. Even when not engulfed in flame himself, Florence has the ability to control any fire within his immediate range of vision, causing it to increase or decrease in intensity or to move in a pattern directed by his thoughts. Additionally, he is able to absorb fire/plasma into his body with no detrimental effects.

The plasma field immediately surrounding his body is hot enough to vaporize projectiles that approach him, including bullets. He does not generally extend this flame-aura beyond a few inches from his skin, so as not to ignite nearby objects. Florence refers to his maximum flame output as his "Solar Flare", which he can release omnidirectionally. Flame of any temperature lower than this cannot burn or harm Flamer. This "Solar" effect can occur spontaneously when he absorbs an excessive amount of heat, although he can momentarily suppress the release when necessary, with considerable effort

Flamer has demonstrated enough control with fire that he can safely shave another's hair or hold a person while in his flame form without his passenger feeling discomforting heat. His knowledge extends to general information about fire as well, supported by regular visits to fire-safety lectures at various firehouses in Tallahassee. In one instance when poisoned, Flamer superheated his blood to burn the toxin out.

Flamer's ability to ignite himself is limited by the quantity of oxygen in his environment, and his personal flame has been extinguished by sufficient quantities of water, flame retardant foam, and vacuum environments. He can reignite instantly once oxygen is returned, with no ill effects.


Flame Manipulation


Character Statements on Flamer’s destructive power

He destroys an asteroid the size of Texas

He melts thousands of leagues of earth in seconds

Aside from his nova explosions he can also make fireballs and fireblasts nova hot.

Makes a really big fireball

Blows up an underwater volcano

He can turn sand into glass

Launches a cube of solid stourn

Explodes a mountain

Destroys Next Gen’s forcefield

Melts through two-feet of Molybdenum. Molybdenum has the sixth-highest melting point of any element.

He’s knocked back Rage. Does it again

Destroys a fire elemental by consuming all the oxygen in a mile with a flare

He nearly breaks free from one of Omen’s forcefields He probably would have succeeded if he hadn’t run out of oxygen.

Lowers an entire city block with heat

Bullets melt before they hit him

While using the Force’s combat training room he vaporizes all of the room’s defenses. It should be noted that the defenses in the room were specifically meant to challenge Flamer

Water beats fire right? Nah

Melts Next Gen’s universal weapon

Forces a submarine to surface by boiling the water

His fire’s strong enough to knock back Rage

The heat from his Solar Flare is described as being similar to that of a trillion nuclear blasts

Destroys a ton of robots in one blast

Quickly melts a bulldozer thrown at him by Rage

Raises his heat from absolute zero

Creates a large explosion of fire

Casually takes out three of Next Gen’s Clones

Knocks Fire Damon off his throne. This doesn’t hurt him at all but it’s still impressive.

Defeats Sergeant Solo with sunstroke

Goes Solar on the Annihilation Wave

Destroys the building Annihilation is in

Sets a planet sized object on fire


Some character statements on the great control Flamer has over his powers

Fences with a flaming sword construct that won’t hurt his opponent if it hits

He tricks Keystone (who’s a pretty smart guy) into thinking he incinerated Warhead

Creates intense heat but controls it enough that no one else near him can feel it

He’s able to destroy a man’s armor without the man under it getting hurt at all

Traps Giantiss by melting the debris she’s holding

Takes out a bunch of Hellian soldiers

He can grab objects with flaming lassos

He’s able to suck out the moisture from a person’s body. At one point he uses this ability to defeat Man of Power

He can create mirages. They’re even good enough to fool The Spirit!

He is also somehow able to make flame and fireballs without heat.

Flamer’s accurate enough to ignite a cigar and destroy a man’s rocket boots without hurting them.

He can create blinding flashes of light

He can create duplicates of himself.

He creates a working probing device out of fire (don’t ask how this is possible)

Grows to gigantic size while being controlled by Tyton

He can slow people’s descents by creating updrafts

When fighting someone he doesn’t want to hurt he knocks them out by creating heat waves

Turns Aquarius into steam and into ice

Puts out the fires raging across Manhattan

Can sense heat signatures, and uses this to locate the invisible beings.

Uses a man’s cigarette to create a smokescreen. He can also create large amounts of smoke from his own body


He can also absorb fire, even if it’s created by another fire manipulator

He’s able to absorb Warhead’s explosive blasts and shoot them back as flame

Freezes the top floor of the Blazarian Building by absorbing all the heat around it, and then releases it in a large explosion

Sucks the energy out of a supervillain

Another heat absorption feat

He burns Ice Age

Absorbs the energy released from an exploding portal

Absorbs the blast of an atomic bomb


His flames allows him to fly by making his molecules lighter than air. Just kidding! It’s actually because of a cloud of hydrogen atoms

His suit allows him to “flame on” in space

Franky can create flames instantly

Can stay on fire underwater

He can use his excess body heat to quadruple his strength

He can even fly underground by melting the earth!

Speed and Maneuverability

An album of some of his bullet/laser dodging feats

When he first starts out his top speed is Mach 2

Easily Maneuvers around multiple animals

Creates a thousand foot tall tornado by flying in circles. Another example

Quickly veers off course to avoid Ice Age’s buzzsaw

He’s also too fast for the military’s guns to track

And Red-Eye’s optic blasts

Too fast for electron

Sergeant Solo can’t touch him

He outspeeds the Hellwave

While injured he dodges a water blast shot at him by rage

Reacts at the speed of light

Easily avoids Nuclear Particles

Quickly reacts to an ice barrier while in flight

Flies from China to the Australia in a short timespan

The Avatars vehicles can’t keep up with him

He Is too fast to be stopped by humans

He can fly against tornado winds

Destroys Sol’s Firebots and then blitzes him through a wall

Dodges laser fire while standing

His flame duplicates are described as moving “faster than human eyes can follow”

He can easily outspeed missiles

Quickly shoots down a barrage of rocks batted at him by Rage

Catches Momentum before he’s incinerated

Quick enough to Pulla batman

While flamed off, he reacts quickly enough to melt bullets after they’ve been shot at him


Physical Resistance

Tanks a punch from Keystone

Gets hit by Hercules

Gets punched by Jack Thunder

Tanks multiple blows from Black Mamba

Next Gen punches him with the Man of Power’s strength

He took a hit from Gladiator

Tanks a blow from Brian Jenkins

Tanks a shot of earth from Man of Power with the power cosmic. And again

Tanks blows from Megladon in an exo-skeleton

Tanks a hit from Lightspeed

Man of Power slams him against a wall hard enough to crack it

Tanks blows from a Nameless One

He’s smacked into the ground by The Hermit

Tanks a super sonic kick

Trades blows with Warhead (who is a pretty strong guy). Warhead also isn’t holding back much as he tries to kill Flamer at the end of this fight

A multiple story building is dropped on him

Energy Resistance

He gets hit by some of Electron’s repulsor blasts

Tanks a blast from Annihilation

Tanks a blast from Crea . His blasts are strong enough to destroy mountains

Tanks a shot from a X-Bot

Tanks a blast from Hexkor

Tanks a blast from Cosmic Imbued Electron (his weapons are described as being stronger than the real thing’s)

Tanks a blast from Ice Age

Tanks a blast from a Crolian (Similar to a Green Lantern)

His powers allow him to survive a close range explosion


Is resistant to heat and flame. He can be hurt by hellfire though

He also seems to have high resistance to cold

Bullets aren’t gonna work on him

Water is not an instant win against him

Can stop gas and artillery.

He can create a heat shield that according to him will stop anything short of an atomic blast

Resists a thunderclap from Star Storms

Poison ain’t gonna stop him