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Firestorm (CW)

Firestorm (CW)

Ronald Raymond

Firestorm (CW)'s powers and abilities

Firestorm Matrix Connection/Meta-Human Physiology

After Ronnie was struck by the energy of the particle accelerator explosion, this altered his DNA and supercharged his cells, augmenting his physiology into well-beyond peak human condition. When Ronnie and Martin Stein merge, the two create the nuclear-powered composite being, Firestorm.

Energy Absorption

Firestorm has shown the ability to not only generate nuclear power, but also contain the energy coming from outside sources by absorbing its output. He did so when he absorbed the blast from Vandal Savage’s nuclear warhead.


Ronnie can propel himself in the air via his flames and fly at great speeds.

Psychic Link

Ronnie can hear Martin's disembodied voice while the two of them are merged into Firestorm. Even when they are separated, their link allows them limited communication of sensations or emotions.

Nuclear Pyrokinesis

The amount of energy being processed in his body is often released through his head and hands. He can use his control over the energy to project it willingly in the form of concussive blasts, in the form of fire. These "nuclear blasts" are often shown to be quite powerful and have shown to be able to knock unarmed humans out unconscious and are hot enough to burn through solid structures and even cause harm to meta-humans (such as Vandal Savage and Reverse-Flash). Also, Firestorm is able to cause an explosion by colliding with an object or surface, allowing him to perform feats such as blowing up nearby vehicles or bursting through a wall.


Genius-Level Intellect/Expert Engineer

Ronnie was a very intelligent individual and an expert in engineering, as evidenced by the fact that he was the lead structural engineer on the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator.


Ronnie was capable of fluently speaking English and French.