Fire Damon

Fire Damon

Thurber Uxedres


Fire Damon's weapons

Soul Blade

A blade made from the souls of felled Hellion soldiers it is his current weapon and increases his powers by 30x

Chorkna Staff

It is what grants him his power . It is the second most powerful weapon in the multiverse . And it makes him at full power .


Damons fiery horrible planet of Hellion is a technological powerhouse. The planet itself, is absolutely massive. So big that earth would barely displace a mountain . It also exist outside of the universe, only accessible by means of teleportation. In addition to that, their tech is incredible in scale and so are their wars It can conquer Galaxies and nearby planets as basic command points. Hellion has:

Numerous amounts of loyal soldiers and Demons. They are armed with Anti Dark-Matter beams. They are also trained to resist mind control weaker than Darkseids.

Hellion swarming locusts Who devour the landscape

Tech that sends stars as weapons Also impressively scaled that the nearby debris in orbit of Hellion is enough to make multiple planetoids

Hellboys who can give Star Storms trouble in speed They also have hellfire that would burn Star Storms

Solarbusting ships the size of Stars

Machines that turn supergiant stars into deadly weapons

Fire Damon's equipment

Hell's Wrath

The Armor known as Hell's Wrath is nearly impossible to damage . He wears it while on earth in the right aga in st storms .


The Armor of Chorkna is made from The Being . No power can harm it or him .

Demons Soul

The Demons Soul is what focuses his power of Magic . It grants him more powerful spells and Tricks .

No equipment or weapons connected to Fire Damon