The Legend of Zelda Universe

Fi's powers and abilities

Fi acts as a recorder of the messages left for the chosen hero by the Goddess Hylia. She can withstand large amounts of heat and energy, which she uses to absorb and redirect the Sacred Flames into the Master Sword. Fi possesses the capacity to communicate non-verbally with machinery, and may do so over extremely large distances. She also possesses psychic abilities, such as telepathy and sensing other's auras. Along with said capabilities, Fi has a dowsing ability which allows her sense people and items for Link to locate. The strength of her dowsing ability is increased when the Goddess Sword is bathed in Nayru's Flame. As the guide for Link on his journey, Fi is often shown to be very perceptive of things, which she uses to give him advice, said advice sometimes being comical in nature. Despite her supposed lack of emotions, she is a graceful dancer and capable singer.

Fi possesses psychic abilities, specifically telepathy. Throughout Link's journey, she aids the hero by providing him with information about the area he is in, the enemies he is facing, and even messages directly from Hylia to Link. Fi can be talked to when Link is traveling on foot by pressing down on the D-Pad of the Wii Remote. When this is done, Fi will give Link various options to choose from, providing the play time of the current session, the current objective, and advice as to what he should do next, which include a summary of the past few events as well as hints and rumors. In addition, Fi will give Link a basic description of a targeted enemy and its weaknesses. Fi will also tell the hero how many times he has defeated any type of enemy and gives an indication of Link's proficiency in fighting a specific type of enemy. When this is used on Bosses, Fi will usually give a limited supply of information about the enemy's weaknesses. If Link is defeated in the battle, and Fi is once again asked to give advice, more information will be available. Other than enemies and bosses, Fi can also scan people, Bugs and locations. Fi can telepathically talk to people and robots and sense people's auras.

Fi also has a treasure-seeking ability called Dowsing. It can sense important people and items and help Link to locate them, acting as a sort of compass. When Link needs to locate a certain person or item, Fi will add a Dowsing option accordingly. He can then choose in the Dowsing menu which specific object or person he wishes to track down. In Dowsing mode, pointing the Sword in the general of the target will cause it to beep, which becomes faster as Link approaches the target.