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Take on Celestials. It is Iron Mans most powerful suit.
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x men magneto was a good villian maybe they could add angel salvadore with the team
x men 2 william stryker was a bit boring in this movie apocalypse should have been the main villian after xmen 2 they should have rebooted the movies
x men the last stand good villians arclight was so cool
x men first class my favorite xmen movie the main villian was good but they could add aurora as a side villian
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supergirl 1984 idk supergirl dont has much rogues propably atrocitus
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Superman (1978) Amanda waller i mean if luthor can be the main villian why not amanda waller

Superman II (1981) Amazo that would be so cool instead of general zod luthor could have created him to battle superman

Superman III (1983) Anti monitor i know many people will disgree with me and say he is to powwerfull for a superman solo movie but superman will get help from superboy supergirl powergirl etc that would be amazing

superman iv idk maybe Atlas

superman returns maybe atomic skull
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Have Sinestro be the main villain of Green Lantern.
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In the words of the great George Lucas. "Luke is the most powerful Jedi." "Anakin could have become the most powerful Force user."
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The Force is omnipotent GEB is not.

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