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Voted: Black Panther and Wolverine

It's good to have toy back @Bane333 😀 where were you?
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What makes you think it NEEDS them? There's absolutely nothing that says The Force absolutely needs Anakin or Revan to balance it.
3 days ago
Team Battle
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Who wins?
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Voted: Luke Skywalker

Luke failing to destroy the Death Star is canon to ITS OWN TIMELINE IN THE MULTIVERSE.

Are you actually using Wookieepedia, a fan edited site, as evidence? We know the Ones were mere avatars because The Force continued to exist. If it was one of The Ones' true forms, that side of the Force would become completely non-existent. If The Daughter dies, the Light Side goes with her, as she literally is the Light Side.

Imagine thinking anyone said it did.

Everyone who works with Nihilus is undead, or Nihilus just, you know, WILLINGLY DEACTIVATED HIS DRAIN? Do you think he's incapable of doing such a thing if he so chooses?

No, Surfer never gives Thanos a decent fight. He is always stomped into the dirt with zero difficulty, and people stronger than Surfer have done just as badly. Surfer is nowhere near Thanos' level, it might as well be an insult to Thanos to try and compare Surfer to him.
Voted: Silver Surfer

Also explain to be how a comic about Luke not being able to destroyed the Death Star be canon?

How do we know that the Ones from Mortis were just avatars? I'm asking because the Wookieepedia page says that they died in 21 BBY which was when the Mortis trilogy happened.
Voted: Silver Surfer

There is a Star Wars multiverse, I concede to that

Imagine thinking that a ship can over power the Father's control over his son.

"It's entirely active" tell that to the people who work under Nihilus who happen to not be either undead nor stronger in The Force than he is. *attack speed, not "faster attack potency"

He is getting past RotJ to Thrawn Luke, unless he goes for an instant blitz (which isn't always his first move), he might not be able to beat Revan, Nihilus, GM Luke, or Caedus, I do agree with that. Remember he always gave Thanos a descent fight despite losing almost every time.
2+ years member.
Voted: Luke Skywalker

That doesn't mean it's non-canon, it again just supports the fact that there is a multiverse.

You asked for examples of omnipresents using normal movement speed, if you only meant from Star Wars you should have specified that. And the Force still existed because the ones that appeared in TCW were AVATARS. They weren't the full embodiments of the sides of the Force, it would be idiotic to think so. And your poor attempt at sarcasm contradicts itself because you acknowledge the fact that The Father >>> The Son, so clearly The Son cannot escape via his own power.

It's entirely passive, it's always active. "Faster attack potency" isn't a thing. The term you're looking for is attack speed. And I do hope you aren't trying to compare Surfer to Thanos, who has pounded Surfer into dust every time they've fought, and Odin, who didn't even flinch from Thanos and Surfer's COMBINED ATTACK. Surfer stops at Nihilus, let alone trying to mess with the top tiers like Luke, Sidious, Caedus, Yoda, Revan, etc.
Voted: Silver Surfer

Star Wars Infinities is a ccollection of stories where they take the original trilogy and change one thing to see how it will change things unless you're talking bout a different Star Wars Infinities

Isn't Eternity from Marvel? If the Ones are the Force then how did the The Force still exist after their deaths? Imagine thinking that the Ones (an omnipresent being) needing a ship to escape his father who is more powerful than him, can't be me,

But Nihlus' drain dose take some amount of time (I'm not sure if that's just a game mechanic), and during that time Silver Surfer could blitz Nihlus. Oh wait Darth Nihlus is immortal, I highly doubt that there are many characters that have faster attack potency than Silver Surfer who can keep up with Thanos and Odin, even though he loses, he still gives him a good fight every time.

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