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Voted: Luke Skywalker

Nobody said we could in the first place.

Why the hell would The Son bring his true form, which exists throughout the entire multiverse (ahem omnipresence), just for a single avatar?

He wasn't, plain and simple.

He's a walking Dark Side Nexus, that's kinda what they do.

No, just no. Surfer does not threaten Thanos in the slightest, he is less than bacteria compared to Thanos. And let's get something else straight, Surfer is multi-solar system level, Thanos is multi-universal. Surfer is literally infinitely below Thanos.
2 days ago
Loki (MCU)
1+ years member.
He could have used way more if his Powers to beat hulk but he undereastimated him Loki could have won
Voted: Space Punisher Hulk

i swear to god the people who choose rkt don't know what sph do or his ability

reality does not affect to him
immortal he never ever die
you can't control his mind or his power
infinity power strongest from world breaker hulk like 1000 times.and sph does not want to be angry to his power get up
walk in space
jump from Galaxy to Galaxy by just one jump
and he ran about 70,000,000,000 MPH

he can withstand the attack of any being in the multiverse (other than TOAA),

Space Punisher Hulk proved to be much more stronger than any omnipotent, he killed off 6 watchers who are comparable to the Living Tribunal, the 6 watchers from earth-12091 not from 616

Space Punisher Hulk has many strong as hell foes (they aren't the versions you think they are) like Wolverine, Thanos,The Watchers, Space Punisher, and the Fantastic Four. he is strongest from anything

the universe falling apart after he killed 6 watchers
damn it the stats is so low

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