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Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fandral's weapons


Fandral's weapon of choice is a rapier. A talented swordsman, Fandral is both gifted and deadly in battle.

Fandral's equipment


First Set: Fandral wore dark green cape attached at the shoulders by large spiked silver plating. The shoulder pads continued over his upper chest and ended in a green shirt that split in the middle making an upside-down V shape on his chest. This revealed horizontally, overlapping, gold plates. He wore green pants and had dark black boots. Second Set: Fandralā??s second armor was similar to his first. His shirt was no longer connected at the top and open all the way down. He had golden plates with etched designs over his stomach. His upper chest was a dark green plate. Fandral had two ornate metal shoulder pads that connect to his cape. He has a small green loincloth that is worn over green pants. Fandral also wears green, and gold-accented, knee-high boots.
No equipment or weapons connected to Fandral