Ezio Auditore

Ezio Auditore

Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

Assassin's Creed Game & Movie Universe

Ezio Auditore's weapons

Dual Hidden Blades The Hidden Blade is a compact and deadly device which has become a defining mark of the Assassin Brotherhood. It is a three part folding blade designed to quickly extend or retract as the user wishes. The blade is usually housed in a bracer and hidden on the underside of the forearm, stretching across the palm and reaching well past finger length when extended. While the blade is retracted it is nigh undetectable, until the precise moment that its owner puts it to use, making it a silent and deadly weapon. Possessing one is the mark of a true Assassin The Hidden Gun The Hidden gun, most commonly referred to as the pistol, was one of the innovation of the Hidden Blade ,and consisted of a small firearm with a very short barrel. Though it was an excellent weapon for assassination, it would give away it's user immediately after firing, due to it's large discharge and smoke. Roman sword Stiletto Roman Crossbow

Ezio Auditore's equipment

Apple of Eden The Apple of Eden, a near-arcane piece of technology, which allowed him a few supernatural powers, most commonly confused for witchcraft and arcane magic. Parachute A parachute is any fabric device carrying its user underneath that is utilized to slow a fall from any height by exploiting air resistance.