Eye Thousand

Kan Aayiram


Eye Thousand's weapons

The Kan Ser - a ridiculously powerful technomagical weapon made by the Kan clan and enhanced by the great magicians of Ser. Due to its high destructive nature, it is only given to the chosen one who is approved by the elders of the Kan clan and the great magicians of Ser.

It provides the wielder with offensive and defensive capabilities like magic, weather control and other hidden powers.

Eye Thousand has not trained enough to unlock the weapon's true potential, as he is able to use only 5% of its powers. Only under the training of a Ser, one could unlock the true potential and the hidden powers of the Kan Ser

Eye Thousand's equipment

The Kan Suit - created by the Kan clan and highly improved by Eye Thousand is a technologically advanced suit, which amplifies the wearer's visual prowess and grants them energy based powers as well

No equipment or weapons connected to Eye Thousand