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Eruptor's History

Eruptor is a hot-headed lava beast who hails from the sweltering underground caverns of a volcanic island. Here, in the suffocating heat, arguments often boiled over. And lava creatures always argue. So it was no surprise when a ferocious fight broke out at a lava pool party. But this was no small squabble or shouting match. The fury of hundreds of fuming lava creatures created catastrophic pressure, until... KABOOM! The volcano exploded, scattering disgruntled lava creatures across Skylands. The residents of Skylands had never seen lava creatures before and many misunderstandings followed. Lava creatures are not only sullen, stubborn, and easily angered, they are also very hard to understand. Several villages were burned as a result. But the Skylands atmosphere had a quite different effect on Eruptor. He unclenched his jaw, took a long breath of cool air, and felt a lifetime of rage subside. Nowadays, Eruptor is considered calm and sensible - by lava creature standards, at least. Still, trolls try his temper and Kaos causes crankiness, leading to Eruptor to as his name suggests - ERUPT! For this reason, Master Eon was pleased to invite him on board... although he tends to keep his distance.