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Voted: Thanos

No contest
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Voted: Green Lantern

Deadpools power level is way too high here. Also, I wish there were a separation of durability and healing, because he's not all that durable but recovers quickly. I think Hal Jordan is capable of dealing much more damage than Deadpool is.
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Voted: Doctor Strange vs
Strange wins no contest
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Voted: Doctor Strange

Silver Surfer is a 4b power level on vsbattles, which has an excellent tiering system. Dr. Strange is a class 2-C because he can actually reconstitute/create/destroy universes.
His defeat of the in-betweener alone puts him above the Silver Surfer. Banishment is the most viable option for him to dispatch SS.
3+ years member.
Dr. Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme, protector of the Universe against all forms of cosmic entities too powerful for normal superheroes to deal with. He defeated the in betweener. He can re-establish a universe. He can work as an avatar of eternity. His power level has to be increased well beyond 16. I mean, didn't he dispatch of the Silver Surfer with ease?