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Equilibria's History

Two goddesses. One made of darkness the other, made of light. These two cosmic forces were combined into a single entity to keep the vast multiverses from being obliterated by opposing forces. Together they formed...Equilibria.

But managing the balance of the entire outerverse is...challenging. So she enlisted the help of many balance avatars to help keep the balance in some multiverses by giving them artifacts imbued with magic from either her dark or light side. There used to be many balance avatars but now there only four. Mase and Zack and there female counterparts Mara and Zariah. The others have been long since been killed and absorbed by her rouge son Antithesis who wants nothing but to over throw his mother as god as balance.

Her current plight is the fact that her most trusted servant has seemed to have betrayed her trust and gone over to the side of Antithesis to help him get the power of the remaining balance avatars.