Eighteight's History


In Vilgax Must Croak, EightEight was hired by the Incurseans, along with SixSix and SevenSeven, to kill Vilgax. Ultimately, the three of them and Attea were defeated by Vilgax when they were finally able to confront him directly. However, they were able to escape before the Plumbers arrived.

In Cough It Up, she, along with her siblings, was hired by Psyphon to get him a precious item that had been stolen from him. They found Argit, who possessed the item, and fought for it with Ben, Rook and Spanner. She clashed with Rook, later fleeing when SevenSeven managed to capture Argit. At the Black Hole, she suggested using her energy buzz saw on Argit after learning the latter had swallowed the item. At the end of the episode, she was banned from Undertown.

In The Most Dangerous Game Show, EightEight was one of many contestants trying to win Ben's hand in marriage on Charles Zenith's game show.