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not voted I can't vote on this one! It's too close!

Goku fighting Beerus was destroying the Universe, and Beerus is stated above Vegeta, who stopped Buuhan's Universal collapse. He then absorbed SSJ God into base. He was even able to match Jiren while in CUI, who is repeatedly stated above any other villain, including Infinite Zamasu, a Universe/Space-Time Continuum. He also scales above Beerus now, who is stated to be able to destroy 2 Universes by accident if he fought Champa. I don't find the World of Void impressive, as it was infinite nothing.

However, Superman fighting Golden Age Superman was breaking Space-Time. He blitzed partial Big Bang Level Imperiex Probes, gave 1/4th the Energy that Parralax needed to make a new Universe, smashed Neron's and Dominus' realities and broke Highfather's staff off the Source Wall. He survived the explosion of Reality Blitzing Missiles as well as Aztek's 4D explosion. As well as this, he's fractured, shook and stated he could destroy the Phantom Zone, which ranges from Universal to Multiversal in size.

Goku is faster than Piccolo, who fired a Sub-Relativistic attack at the Moon in Z. He also crossed Namek at similar speeds. We saw Vegeta's Final Flash travel to what seemed like a Solar System in Z, as well as Buu traveling throughout a Galaxy. DBS gave Speed feats too, like Goku's attacks crossing the Universes, Manga Goku moving in a destroyed Universe and attacks crossing an infinite realm.

Superman has dodged light speed blasts pretty casually. He scales to Karate Kid, who threw Mon-El into another Solar System, flew to the Sun and Back, traveled from Vega to Earth, a separate Star System, as well as scaling to Green Lanterns who crossed the Universe. He himself crossed Universes in Final Crisis and can swap hands with Wonder Woman, who blocked the Shattered God, trillions of shards that crossed the Universe. He's crossed Hypertime and moved when time is stopped as well.

So yeah, imma vote for a draw. Goku has the Attack Potency advantage, while Superman has Speed locked in. It can really go either way. In my opinion, DBS Goku vs Rebirth Superman is the most fair match. Both have Universal+ to Multi-Universal feats, as well as MFTL+ to Infinite for Speed. As a fan of both characters, it's way closer than most think. Either really can take it, so I'll go with Draw. I know voting for a draw is lame. I just can't help it.
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