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Marvel's Earth-11080

Publisher Marvel Comics
Info It should be noted that many continuity errors have occurred over the years. Thus, some details are uncertain, out of place, or not placed in a specific period in time. This history features only the indisputable facts. Start of the Infection The Punisher had gotten a tip that the Red Mafia had smuggled what he assumed was a suitcase nuke. In actuality, they had imported vials of Survivor 118, a chemical that could be released through the water or air and allow people to adapt to live in a contaminated environment and eat anything. His mistake caused his accidental exposure to the chemical, causing him to be sick for days, but protecting him from future ills and giving him an immunity to the chemical. The chemical entered New York's water but no symptoms showed for seven months. In that time, people's movements around the world quickly spread the virus to every part of the planet. The first known case was during an aggressive battle between Spider-Man and the Rhino, during which their fight ended in a hockey stadium, where Spider-Man ate the Rhino on live television. The Fantastic Four captured him and brought together a science team consisting of Reed Richards, Hank Pym, T'Challa, and Hank McCoy to figure out what has happened to him. They learned that Spider-Man's DNA had been completely rewritten, leaving him as he was but primitive and predatorial human being. Despite what was happening to Spider-Man life continued normally for Wolverine until Psylocke was kidnapped and later found completely devoured. As he took up the search for her killer, the world fell apart around him. The second major incident occurred at a Chinese restaurant where the Blob ate twenty-five people inside. Things started to get worse when the science team realized that the virus had been around for a while, making it almost impossible to keep up with it. Reports started popping up in all five boroughs of New York and some in New Jersey. Reed started to view it as a global threat. Logan was sent to pick up equipment that was shipped to the science team from Utopia, which was supposed to have arrived the day before. He found the shipment in Central Park and killed Angel when he saw that he was infected. Realizing that the infection has spread to Utopia, Wolverine traveled there and killed the infected X-Men. When Logan returned, the scientists had figured out that the outbreak was caused by Survivor 118. Based on police reports, they deduced that the Punisher had ambushed a shipment of Survivor 118 and sent Logan to bring him to them. After finding him, he brought him to the Baxter Building for the scientists to give him blood and tissue tests. However, along the way, Magneto and Electro got into a fight, causing an EMP explosion that knocked out the cityâ??s power. Inside, they found that Hank McCoy had succumbed to the plague and the infected Ben Grimm had released Spider-Man. To make matters worse, Spider-Man and Beast were eating Hank Pym. Punisher killed Hank McCoy, but Spider-Man was able to flee. Thing and his allies Red She-Hulk and Thundra fought against the Punisher, Wolverine, Reed and Tâ??Challa until he chose to escape with Thundra while using Red She-Hulk as a distraction. In the aftermath, Tâ??Challa told them about Wakanda's demise. His sister Shuri escaped to New Jersey with a handful of refugees on a Quinjet, but their exact location was unknown. New Jersey was also the location of a warehouse where Reed stored old machines that could be used for starting a new lab. With this knowledge, Reed and Tâ??Challa decided to move operations to New Jersey. Thing went to the Hulk in hopes of merging tribes with him so that they may kill the scientists. An escort of heroes led a convoy of scientists out of New York, but the Hulkâ??s tribe confronted them on the Goethals Bridge. The heroes held them back for as long as possible while the scientists were led to safety. The battle claimed many lives on both sides and cost Wolverine his left arm and one of his claws. The science team was able to successfully reach Elizabeth, New Jersey and was hiding in a storage facility. Afterwards, Captain America, Deadpool, and the Punisher recovered Wolverine from the river and brought them to a hidden base. From there, Deadpool was sent to gather intelligence on the Hulk's mission to find the scientists. However, Deadpool was infected himself and was hiding it from the group. Black Panther met up with the group to give them information about their situation. Their rescue ships had not arrived for them, they had lost all contact with Shuri, and the trucks Luke Cage went to find would take three to four hours reach the scientists. They then formulated a plan to hold off the Hulk, who was moving in closer and closer to the science team and were approaching Newark Bay. Ten minutes later, the small group gathered to fight the Hulk's army, but the Hulk was nowhere to be found. So while Captain America and the Punisher fought the army, Wolverine and Deadpool went after the Hulk. Locked in battle, Captain America was beginning to turn, so the Punisher put him out of his misery. Wolverine and Deadpool eventually found the Hulk and confronted him, during which Wolverine was sent flying into the distance. Luckily, they were able to hold the Hulk back long enough for the science team to escape. Along the way they found Wolverine and brought him with them. Thor rallied what was left of the Avengers at Ground Zero of the plague. There, Doctor Doom made his move and offered them a cure in the form of his Doomstones, made from his own brand of science and alchemy. In exchange, he wanted to be named Emperor of Earth. Outraged by his proposal, the Avengers fought him, only to be interrupted by an army of Subterraneans led by Hercules. Doom helped kill the army, eventually convincing the Avengers to accept his offer. Operating from the Baxter Building, Doom rerouted the backup power to power an electrified fence around all five boroughs while his Doombots manufactured the parts. The Doomstones were designed to keep the plague from coming to the surface and wipe the mind of the infected. With the city now secure, safety camps were established to house the uninfected, including the Javits Convention Center, which housed 20,000 people and one third of the medical team. The Avengers questioned themselves for taking part in this plan, but Thor took it the hardest, choosing to abandon the planet he had called home rather than assist Doom. Doom demonstrated his cure to Hawkeye when he showed him the previously infected Daken with a Doomstone embedded into his chest. The Doomstone allowed him to reclaim his humanity, but his mental state was reduced to that of a child. As the Avengers continued to wrestle with trusting Doom, Hawkeye stumbled on Deadpool dragging a dead body into the Baxter Building. When he followed him inside he found out that Doom was infected. Doom revealed to him that he created the Doomstones to turn its wearer into a cannibal while still allowing them to retain their intelligence and memories. Doom activated them, turning almost everyone in New York, including the Avengers, into cannibals. Hawkeye, the Punisher, and Black Widow were the only heroes left. Tasked with finding any remaining heroes, they fought against many cannibal tribes, during which Spider-Man kidnapped Black Widow. The Punisher broke off from Hawkeye to hunt and kill Spider-Man, leaving Hawkeye to confront Doctor Doom. Using an arrow made from Wolverine's broken adamantium claw, Hawkeye succeeded in killing Doom and swore to avenge his fallen comrades. However, seconds later, Thor returned briefly to kill Hawkeye for unknown reasons, making the Punisher the last person in New York City to fight the infected. The infected started forming tribes that fought each other for land, manipulated in secret by the King of Death, one of the more intelligent and cunning cannibals. Spider-Man, now referred to as Patient Zero, was the most successful, drawing in scores of infected to his tribe. He claimed Manhattan for himself while other tribes left to stake new lands. Over the next few years, the King of Death and his tribe destroyed the other tribes and forced them to join him. Using his resources, the King of Death was able to move into Manhattan from Brooklyn despite the destruction of every bridge and tunnel and made a push to take Manhattan from Patient Zero. Two years later, the scientists had moved operations to the North Pole and were preparing for human testing. Wolverine was still with them and assisted in bringing uninfected to their lab for safety. Meanwhile, the Punisher continued his war against the cannibals, even taking the heads of those he killed and placing them on pikes outside his base of operations. Among his most notable was his victory over Thing, who he killed by destroying him in the Baxter Building. On day 1,813, he killed Deadpool for the thirty-third time. Then on day 1,830, he finally killed the Hulk with the same arrow that Hawkeye used to kill Doctor Doom. With the King of Death moving to take his territory, having also taken his mate Mary Jane Watson, Patient Zero sent Venom to request help from the Punisher. Frank ran into him at a church, where he had just found a priest (who he called "Padre") and a young boy. But before he could explain his reason for being there, Frank killed him. He tried a more direct approach by appearing at Frank's base of operations with Deadpool and told him about his troubles. He then offered to give him the survivors that have been hiding if he killed the King of Death and brought back his mate. At first against his offer, the priest convinced him to agree to it. Patient Zero's tribesmen Deadpool, Black Widow, and Scorpion joined him on his mission. After arriving at the King's lair near Ground Zero of the infection, they were attacked by his tribe. The Punisher was tortured for information on Patient Zero's location while Deadpool was imprisoned, but Frank didn't tell him anything, knowing that the hidden survivors would be found and killed as well. Deadpool broke out and served as a distraction while Mary Jane freed the Punisher. Then, he took the opportunity to kill the cannibals, along with Deadpool. With the King of Death's tribe decimated, the Punisher killed him. With his side of the deal fulfilled, Patient Zero gave him the survivors. Regardless, the Punisher shot Patient Zero in the head and sent the survivors, including Mary Jane, the priest, and the boy, away on a boat to an unknown location so that he could continue his war.

Connections to Earth-11080

Steven Rogers
Captain America
Victor Von Doom
Doctor Doom
Clint Barton
Bruce Banner
Tony Stark
Iron Man
Max Eisenhardt
Peter Parker
Patient Zero
Frank Castle
Ben Grimm
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