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Battles created by Dusk_Pikachu

Team 1 Team 2
Team ThorTeam Superman6000
True MikaboshiSwamp Thing (World Tree)3000
ThorTeam The Sentry2000
Juggernaut (Trion)Thanos2000
One-Above-All (Post-Retcon)Old King Phoenix Thor3000
Thor (Odin Force) & OdinSuperman Prime One-Million & Scarlet Witch2000
SCP-343Lifebringer Galactus2000
Old King ThorDoctor Doom (Sorceror Supreme)2000
Team Bucky Barnes (MCU)Team Spider-Man (MCU)2000
White LanternCosmic Immortal Hulk6000
Doctor FateJohn Constantine (Power Of Shazam)2000
Team ThorDestroyer5000
Black LanternWhite Lantern3000
Cyberverse DeathstrokeLiving Tribunal II1000
CharizardJustice Buster2000
Unstoppable ColossusIron Man (Hulkbuster Armor)1000
OnslaughtOld King Thor1000
Worthy LokiCaptain America (Worthy)5000
Team SandmanTeam Iron Man2000