Origin: Just a little ol' Lovecraftian eldritch being from beyond space and time.Size: VariablePowers: Astral Travel, Atmokinesis, Banish, Biokinesis, Camouflage, Clairvoyance, Cold Resistance, Cross-Dimensional Awareness, Cross-Dimensional Travel, Darkforce Manipulation, Duplication, Durability, Elasticity, Endurance, Energy Resistance, Enhanced Memory, Enhanced Senses, Fire Resistance, Flight, Geokinesis, Grim Reaping, Healing Factor, Heat Resistance, Hydrokinesis, Immortality, Insanity, Intangibility, Intelligence, Invulnerability, Levitation, Longevity, Magic, Mind Blast, Mind Control, Mind Control Resistance, Natural Weapons, Phasing, Possession, Power Sense, Precognition, Projection, Psionic Powers, Pyrokinesis, Radiation Immunity, Reality Warping, Regeneration, Resurrection, Self-Sustenance, Shapeshifting, Size Changing, Stamina, Summoning, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Telepathy Resistance, Teleportation, Thermokinesis, Time Travel, Toxin and Disease Resistance, Underwater Breathing, Vision- Infrared, Vision-Microscopic, Vision- Night, Vision- Telescopic, Vision- Xray, Wishing

Location Ominous ruins
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