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Voted: Shazam

Not sure if this point is Valid , but going to share my opinion.
Superman & Batman have always been the bread winners for the DCU & back in the day the Shazam's comics use to do considerably well. Some say that it actually out sold Superman comics in some ways.
DC obviously bought them and during the phase of ownership, I personally feel down graded the guy. Obviously DC can only have one flag ship. Don't get me wrong Superman is Ultra Badass, but I just believe that Shazam needs his fair amount of light. The guy is widely underrated and has a arsenal of fire power in his pocket. If you take his Arch Enemy Black Adam. That guy could take on the Entire justice league. Expect in Injustice when Superman is all Cray Cray and him & Wonderwoman team up on the poor bloak.
The point I'm trying to get it, is that Wizard really layered Billy & Adam with some magical powers from Demi God's / gods , obviously allowing them to obtain the best quality's of those entity's.
In a match up, I believe that Shazam stands a great chance of winning constantly to Superman and in the Same breath will loose consistantly to Superman.
But Shazam can beat the likes of MM / Sentry ECT. Again this is just an opinion and obviously everything changes in the New52. So we might just agree to disagree.
1+ years member.
Voted: Phoenix

Phoenix Force is undoubtedly one of the most powerful entity's in the Universe. If Jean taps into it, even the mighty Prince Uxas will crumble. Even though he's in the DCU. That Phoenix Force is badass. She will crumble Thanos with the Silver Surfer combined. Booooom. Maybe this is just me being completely one sided, but let's just be real. The Phoenix Force is a guardian of creation.
Just an opinion, don't go rattle your comic cage over it.

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