Mengkono Gusti Allah


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This is a user created character (Original Character/OC).

Dragonborn's Powers


Since he's not a ancient God he can't absorb everything a ancient can

He can absorb only power below a ancient God .

Accelerated Healing

He can heal almost instantaneous any wound any cut he can heal from it

Astral powers

His soul form can possess or even absorb God's below him it's literally unkillable not even the BEING can destroy it


He's used this magic for eons

He's killed other gods with this power


He's resisted the ancestral sword might which has the power to kill God's

Reality warping

He can warp reality on a outerversal scale even being able to escape the infiniverse only when he has the chromium staff he hAs this power


He's healed from absolutely nothing


He's can't die no matter what the only being to kill him is King Titan/The Being


His road has made gods to deaf for a period of time imagine what it'll do for a human

Super Speed

He's can run FTL

Super Strength

He can lift the infiniverse showing this by throwing it in the deep space of the Omniverse

He's immune to reality warping


This is the power he was at when he fought the league of justice

He is a Universal+


This form is when he is a demigod form he can beat any low God with ease he's been shown to take on Fire Damon in his morning Star form

He is A complex Multiversal threat


When he finally finds the Chromium staff he becomes his true form he becomes a god again he can defeat elunia and has even defeated Dark Hour the second most powerful God underneath the being

Dragonborn's Weaknesses


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