Dr. Monty

Dr. Monty

Dr. Monty's powers and abilities

Godlike Entity

Dr. Monty is a nigh-omnipotent being. He is considered the leader of the group known as 'The Keepers', both of which have existed since the beginning of time. Dr. Monty is suspected to be one of two Godlike entities. The other being The Shadowman.

Multiversal 'Chess Player'

Dr. Monty created free will. As a result, he sets chained events in motion and watches from the sidelines. He is the seed of creation, as it were. He leaves behind clues such as radios, ciphers, even his scarf as hints to what needs to be done.


Dr. Monty is, as he states, is "omnipotent, but not omnipresent". However, as he also states, he is limited by the contents of the universe he visits. He can only manipulate things that already exist in said universe. Dr. Monty does have other limitations and equals, such as The Shadowman, who could only be bested after the help of Primis during Revelations.