Dr. Monty

Dr. Monty

Dr. Monty's History


Dr. Monty is a child of creation. He has existed for as long as the universe has. In fact, he is so old that he remembers when time was a linear construct, and not the twisted multiverse that it soon became. He exists alongside the Keepers and The Apothicons, both good and evil respectively. He once had a friend, his best friend in fact, now known as The Shadowman. The Apothicon race did not exist originally. The Keepers, Dr. Monty and The Shadowman once lived in the a linear-timed universe known as the Aether. But, after some time, a separate and completely opposite universe known as the Dark Aether corrupted some of the Keeper race. This included The Shadowman. They were twisted and after eons of evolution, they became The Apothicons. The original harbingers of doom. The Apothicons feed on pure energy. As the Keepers had mastered dimensional travel beforehand, they would enter other universes and simply consume them for energy. They hope one day that they can return to Agartha, another universe in which the Apothicons call home.


Dr. Monty simply wants to set things right. He does and has done all he can to ensure that the fractured and broken universe becomes whole once more. However, he must obey his own rules of free will, and letting events play out 'naturally'. He still, however, leaves hints and clues behind to help those who seek to fix the universe along their way.