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Battles created by Doomsday

Team 1 Team 2
Doctor KnightAlmighty Creator2 mo 2252921
Superman (Worthy)Doomsday (Hunter Prey)2 mo 15249
The Source (True Form) & The FulcrumThe One-Above-All & Above All Others1 mo 14649
Lex Luthor (God Of Apokolips)Doomsday (Hunter Prey)1 mo 11137
Doctor KnightXeno Goku (Xenoverse)2 mo 13013
DoomsdayThanos (Astral Regulator)2 mo 16213
Team The Batman Who Laughs (DM)Team Doctor Doom2 mo 10113
Monster Garou (OPM)Aizen (Monster) (Bleach)1 mo 6213
Doomsday & HulkAsura & Kratos (GoW)2 mo 9113
Anti-Monitor (AU) & CyttorakOdin & Galactus2 mo 8213
The Supreme EmperorsAlmighty Creator2 mo 151013
Doctor KnightBlue Blanket2 mo 17802
Monster Garou (OPM)Kakashi (Dual Mangeky┼Ź Sharingan)11 h 4112
Goku (Mastered Ultra Instinct)Aizen (Muken) (Bleach)2 mo 4112
Doctor KnightTeam Cosmic Armor Superman7 d 2012
Highfather (True Form)Anti-Monitor (Sixth Dimension) (AU)2 mo 17301
The Batman Who Laughs (DM) & The Darkest Knight (DM)Cosmic Armor Superman & Superman Who Laughs (DM)2 mo 12201
Doctor Knight & The BallKami Tenchi2 mo 12201
Mandrakk (DM)Doctor Knight2 mo 15101
ShadeOne Punch Man (OPM)2 mo 7201