Donna Troy

Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy


Donna Troy, alias Wonder Girl was created to be a playmate for the young Wonder Woman by the sorceress Magala, who used a magical mirror to create a duplicate of Diana, though with her own personality. She was abducted by Dark Angel who mistook her for the real Diana, and cursed her to experience a cycle of countless tragic lives, given the name Donna Troy as a cruel joke to her origins. But it wo... read more

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Creator DC Comics
UniversePrime Earth - Prime DC Comics Universe
Full name Donna Hinckley Stacey Troy
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Wonder Girl, Troia, Princess of the Amazons, Princess Donna, Wonder Woman, Donna Drake, Darkstar, Donna, Drusilla, Donna, onder, Goddess of the Moon , Moon Goddess, Fate
Place of birth Themyscira
First appearance The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #60 (1965)
Alignment Good


Occupation Photographer, Guardian of the Universe Orb, Adventurer, formerly Fate of the Gods, Queen
Base New Cronus, 14218 Athena Drive, Hall of Justice, Washington, D.C., Titans Tower, Manhattan, Themyscira
Teams Teen TitansFormerly: Black Lantern Corps
Relatives Rhea (adoptive mother), Dorothy Hinckley (mother). Carl Stacy (foster father, deceased), Fay Evans (foster mother), Terry Long (husband, deceased),