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Doctor Sneedy

Gerald Sneedy


Gerald Sneedy graduated from every high school on earth when he was two and when he was three he had every PhD known to man, he moved to mega city when he was eighteen, he quickly invented many very advanced machines and robots, he is known as the most intelligent man ever to exist, he has killed everyone in existence once just because he was bored. He discovered he had powers with his intelligenc... read more

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Super Powers

AbsorptionAccelerated HealingAfterimage CreationAge ManipulationAgilityAnimal ControlAnimationAnti-GravityAstral ProjectionAstral TrapAstral TravelAudio ControlBerserk ModeBiokinesisBullet TimeChanging ArmorCold ResistanceCreationDanger SenseDensity ControlDexterityDimensional AwarenessDimensional TravelDuplicationDurabilityEcholocationElement ControlElemental TransmogrificationEnduranceEnergy AbsorptionEnergy ArmorEnergy BeamsEnergy BlastsEnergy ManipulationEnhanced HearingEnhanced MemoryEnhanced SensesEnhanced SightEnhanced SmellEnhanced TouchFlightForce FieldsGlidingGravity ControlHackingHeat GenerationHeat ResistanceHigher Dimensional ManipulationHyperkinesisHypnokinesisIlluminationImmortalityInformation AnalysisIntelligenceInvulnerabilityJumpLevitationLife ManipulationLongevityMagic ResistanceMarksmanshipMatter AbsorptionMemory ManipulationMind BlastMind ControlMind Control ResistanceMolecular ImmobilizationMolecular ManipulationNigh-OmnipotentNigh-OmnipresentNigh-OmniscientOmega EffectOmnilingualismOmnipotentOmnipresentOmniscientPain ManipulationPeak Human ConditionPhasingPhysics ManipulationPortal CreationPower AbsorptionPower AugmentationPower CosmicPower MimicryPower NullifierPower SensePower SuitPrecognitionProbability ManipulationProjectionPsionic PowersRadar SenseRadiation AbsorptionRadiation ControlRadiation ImmunityReactive EvolutionReality WarpingRegenerationResurrectionSelf-DestructionSelf-SustenanceShapeshiftingSize ChangingSleep ManipulationSoul ManipulationSpeed ForceStaminaStatistics AmplificationStealthSummoningSuper SpeedSuper StrengthTechnopath/CyberpathTelekinesisTelepathyTelepathy ResistanceTeleportationTime ManipulationTime TravelTimeframe ControlToxin and Disease ControlToxin and Disease ResistanceUnderwater breathingUni-PowerVaporising BeamsVision - CryoVision - HeatVision - InfraredVision - MicroscopicVision - NightVision - TelescopicVision - ThermalVision - X-RayWallcrawlingWeapon CreationWeapon-based PowersWeapons MasterWishing


Creator Jamestime1
Full name Gerald Sneedy
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Sneedy, Sneed
Place of birth Mega city, Mega City
First appearance Detective Marty #1
Alignment Neutral


Occupation Scientist MD godlike being
Base Sneedy Labs, Mega City
Teams No teams added.
Relatives Marie Checkit (ex-wife), John Sneedy (son), Larry Sneedy (father, deceased), Barbara Jarshon Sneedy (Mother, deceased)


Gender Male
Type / Race Cyborg
Height -
Weight 81 kg • 178lb
Eye color Black
Hair color No Hair


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