Doctor Mid-Nite

Doctor Mid-Nite

Dr Charles Mcnider


Doctor Mid-Nite's weapons

Blackout Bomb:

A small bomb which releases pitch-black gas that blinds villains; these "blackout bombs" could be modified to create smokey illusions or flash-bang effects.

Cryotuber: Charles created an invention which allowed him to take full control of another person's central nervous system. Using the Cryotuber, Doctor Mid-Nite could temporarily paralyze his adversaries. The Cyrotuber also contained a laser and "freezing" capabilities.

Doctor Mid-Nite's equipment


Doctor Mid-Nite wore special infrared goggles that enabled him to see clearly despite his physical handicap. He did not require these goggles for purposes of night vision.

Mid-Nite Gauntlets:

Cross's gauntlets carry a wide variety of chemicals, medicines, and small-scale equipment.

No equipment or weapons connected to Doctor Mid-Nite