Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)

Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)

Victor Von Doom


Victor von Doom's history seemingly mirrors his mainstream counterpart's history up to the point King Loki completely wiped out humankind to make his brother Thor suffer.Doom apparently survived humankind's destruction and - seeking to obtain the powers of the prehistoric Avengers for himself - augmented himself with the Starbrand, Iron Fist, the Eye of Agamotto and Cloak of Levitation, and a... read more

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Super Powers

AbsorptionAccelerated HealingAdaptationAgilityAstral ProjectionAstral TravelAuraBiokinesisCamouflageChain ManipulationClairvoyanceCold ResistanceCosmic AwarenessCurse ManipulationDexterityDimensional TravelDurabilityElectricity ResistanceElement ControlEnergy AbsorptionEnergy BlastsEnergy ConstructsEnergy ManipulationEnergy ResistanceEnhanced SensesExorcismFear InducementFire ControlFire ResistanceFlightForce FieldsGrim ReapingHeat GenerationHeat ResistanceHellfire ManipulationHellfire ResistanceImmortalityIndomitable WillIntelligenceInterstellar TravelInvulnerabilityJumpLevitationLife ManipulationMagicMagic ResistanceMaster TacticianMind Control ResistancePhasingPortal CreationPossession ResistanceRadiation ImmunityReflexesRegenerationSelf-SustenanceStaminaSuper SpeedSuper StrengthTelepathy ResistanceToxin and Disease ResistanceVitakinesisWeapon-based PowersAbility ShiftAccelerated DevelopmentAnimationAnti-GravityAttack ReflectionChaos MagicChemokinesisChi ManipulationCloakingCorruption ResistanceCryokinesisDanger SenseDeath ManipulationDeconstructionDream ManipulationEmpathyEnduranceEnergy BeamsExplosion ManipulationHypnokinesisIlluminationIllusionsInvisibilityLight ControlMarksmanshipMatter ManipulationMemory ManipulationMind ControlMolecular ManipulationNecromancyNon-Physical InteractionPower AbsorptionPower Absorption ImmunityPower AugmentationPower BestowalPower NullifierPrecognitionPsionic PowersRadiation AbsorptionReactive EvolutionReality WarpingResurrectionSense ManipulationSoul ResistanceSpaceflightSpatial AwarenessStealthSummoningTelepathyTeleportationTerrakinesisTime Manipulation ResistanceTime TravelToxin and Disease ControlTransformationTransmutationVaporising BeamsVortex CreationWater ControlWeapon CreationWeapons MasterWeather ControlWind ControlWishingAcausalityAntimatter ManipulationBlack Hole ManipulationCreationGravity ControlMaster Martial ArtistOmnilingualismPossessionPressure PointsShapeshiftingSize ChangingSoul ManipulationTechnological PossessionTelekinesisTime ManipulationUmbrakinesis


Creator Marvel Comics
Full name Victor Von Doom
Alter Egos All-Father DoomAll-Father Doom
Dictator Doom
Doctor DoomDoctor DoomDoctor Doom (2015)(FOX)Doctor Doom (2015)(FOX)
Doctor Doom (Cosmic Cube)
Doctor Doom (Earth -9997)
Doctor Doom (Infinity Gauntlet)Doctor Doom (Infinity Gauntlet)Doctor Doom (Life Force)Doctor Doom (Life Force)Doctor Doom (MAU)Doctor Doom (MAU)
Doctor Doom (MCOC)
Doctor Doom (Phoenix Force)Doctor Doom (Phoenix Force)Doctor Doom (Silver Surfer's Powers)(FOX)Doctor Doom (Silver Surfer's Powers)(FOX)Doctor Doom (Sorceror Supreme)Doctor Doom (Sorceror Supreme)Doctor Doom (Venomized)Doctor Doom (Venomized)
Doctor Doom 2099
Doom The Living Planet
God Emperor DoomGod Emperor DoomIron Man IIIron Man II
Old Man Doom
Aliases The Fist of Iron, The Starbrand Supreme, The Master of Mystic Vengeance, Doom
Place of birth
First appearance Thor Vol 5 #5 (November, 2018)
Alignment Bad


Occupation Conqueror
Base Mobile
Teams No teams added.


Gender Male
Species // Type Human // Cosmic
Height -
Weight -
Eye color
Hair color



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