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Latest comments

Voted: Thor (MCU)

If Thor was on Titan during the battle against Thanos,he would pulverize The mad Titan with the Stormbreaker
Voted: Thor (MCU)

Thor stomps
Voted: Thor (MCU)

This Thor is very powerful,WW is a joke for him
Voted: Doctor Doom

Doom is too much for Deadpool
Voted: Doctor Fate

Fate would win,he's on another level of power
Voted: Doctor Doom

There's no chance for Batman against Doom
Voted: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix would pulverize Darkseid without effort
Voted: Phoenix

Phoenix is on another level compared to Superman.The kryptonian would get annihilaeted like nothing
Voted: Thanos

Thanos will wipe the floor with Doomsday
Voted: Thanos

Thanos is stronger than Hulk,is a better fighter and can manipulate energy.Hulk's strenght is limitless but Thanos at the end would win

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