Doc Green

Doc Green

Bruce Banner

Prime Marvel Universe

Doc Green's History

An incarnation similar to the Merged Hulk, as it retains Bruce Banner's intellect and the Hulk's vast strength. It was created when Bruce Banner tweaked the Extremis which had repaired his brain. It is considerably powerful, being able to destroy Tony Stark's Mansion with a single thunderclap and resist sonic and repulsors powerful enough to power a continent. This incarnation also fabricated a time tunnel platform to teleport into Kang's Trophy Room at the edge of time-space, and easily ripped apart pure Adamantium from an inert Ultron shell with his bare hands. Doc Green has recurring dreams of his alternate realty counterpart's Maestro persona, potentially suggesting Doc Green is an early manifestation of Maestro. However, the days of Doc Green's existence are counted. It was discovered that the effects of the Extremis virus were diminishing, and Doc Green's intellect was extremely slowly reverting back to his regular Hulk persona, and at some point in the future it would be no more. Doc Green came up with an Extremis supplement that could maintain his intellect for decades, but decided not to use it, fearing it could ultimately unleash his Maestro persona By the time the universe was restored, the Doc Green persona had vanished, and the Hulk had returned to his regular self.