Did Marvel rip off DC

Created by Dark_Wing, 2 y 3 mo 30 d ago.

First is quicksilver a rip-off of flash
Second is Deadpool a Deathstroke rip-off
Third is dr strange a dr fate rip off
Forth is hulk a rip-off of Solomon Grundy
Fifth is ghost rider a rip off of atomic scull
Sixth is black cat a rip-off of cat woman
Seventh Is the shield (yes that's an actual character) a rip-off of captain America
Eighth is black panther a Batman rip-off
Ninth is namor a rip-off of aquaman
And Last but not least Is thanos a rip-off of either darkseid or apocalypse
Bonus Is black racer a rip-off of silver surfer or the other way around
I'm just wondering in your opinion


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