Akira Fudo


Devilman's History


Akira is first seen walking home from his first day at his new school with Miki Makimura whose family he had recently moved in with. One the way however they are stopped by Ken, Go and Dosu-Roku three gang member, all of whom were all attracted to Miki and start teasing the two, Miki gets angered by them whilst Akira tries to keep everything cool, Miki slaps Ken and Meriken-Jo but is grabbed by a furious Dosu-Roku starts to try and undress her, whilst Akira is held back by the other two, luckily they are saved by the sudden and mysterious intervention of Ryo Asuka who threatens the gang with a highly illegal sawed-off shotgun. Ryo says that he needs to speak to Akira privately and Miki is forced to walk back by herself.

On the way to Ryo's home, he reveals that his father committed suicide after killing his dog John and then attempted to kill Ryo, as they arrive at his home he tells Akira that his father had been possessed by a Demon. At first, Akira didn't believe his friend's story but Ryo takes him to an empty room containing only a strange demonic mask. Ryo tells him to put the mask on, he does so and his mind is suddenly barraged with visions of Demons explaining their origins and powers and how they were escaping from their icy tomb. These images were projected by the demon known as Psycho Jenny but this was unknown to both Akira and Ryo at the time.

After removing the mask Ryo says why he brought Akira here, he says that he wants Akira to become a warrior against the Demons to protect the human race. Akira at first thinks Ryo was insane for thinking of such an idea. Ryo tells him to think about it and drives him home. However on the way they are attacked by the hordes of demons. They are forced to go back to Ryo's house, however, Ryo takes Akira into a hidden basement in his home, and Akira decides that he will become a demon warrior. Ryo then moves through the basement to reveal another hidden room and much to Akira's surprise is holding a massive party. Ryo says that he is planning to perform a Black Sabbath, meaning he would have to cause much carnage within the room to summon the demons. Akira was hesitant to let people die and be overcome by such fearsome creatures in spite of their sinful nature. As Ryo starts stabbing people with a broken wine bottle, the partiers angrily start to beat them both up but unknown to them they were being possessed by demon starting with the she-demon Welvath.

They continue to transform and kill those who failed to do so, before surrounding Akira. But suddenly Akira blacks out and starts to become overtaken by the demon Amon. Akira's pure heart and soul dominates Amon and gains control of his body, turning into Devilman for the first time. He proceeds to kill every demon in the area. Suddenly remembering Ryo, he tries to find his friend only to see that Ryo had been crushed by a dead demon, and screams in pain over his friend's supposed death.

Sirene Attacks

A little while later Akira is seen mocking Tare and Miki Makimura commenting on Miki's breasts swelling after having too many baths. She angrily retorts only to then go to pour another bath, Akira then suddenly leaves having sensed some trouble about to start. At the same time, the she-demon Sirene arrives and lands on top of the Makimura residence and summons her two demon subordinates Ghelmer and Agwel as they attack the Makimura family. 

Realizing that the battle had begun Akira runs to find the Makimuras but is greeted by Tare running in panic after finding his parents embedded in the wall and ceiling. Akira tells Tare to hide and runs to rescue Miki from Ghelmer and Agwel who use all of their abilities to fight and trick Akira, with Ghelmer even using Miki as a puppet. Fortunately, Devilman manages to turn the tables on both demons, killing them. He sets Miki down on the bed but still senses another demon. He is then attacked by Sirene who grabs Akira by her talons and flies into the sky.

Akira struggles to get himself free as Sirene proceeds to crush him. Akira is saved by a recently awakened Ryo using a sniper rifle with Sirene losing her grip and Akira transforming into his Devilman form. Sirene knocks out Ryo with one of her claws as she grapples with Devilman. The two battle in mid-air before landing on the ground, Sirene's telekinesis proved to be a problem as she uses it attacks Akira with trees and her detached arm that she uses it to cut through Akira's right arm and then impales it into his chest. Akira figures out that it was her antenna that was controlling the arm and uses his own antenna to fry the receptors in hers causing the arm to go out of control and impale her in her stomach, Akira then rips off her right-wing grounding the demon. Sirene, however, is helped by other demons including her companion Kaim. Akira takes out the other demons but now has to deal with Sirene's gestalt with Kaim. Badly wounded, Akira finally admits defeat and falls unconscious. Waking up in the morning however, he finds out that Sirene didn't take the final strike as she died from her wounds. Ryo had patched up Akira's wounds and reattached his arm. Akira then sees Sirene's frozen body in the sunlight, noticing that she died with a smile of victory upon her face, something which Akira remarks as being beautiful.

Rasber's Invasion

After the battle with Sirene, Akira overhears his classmates talk about disappearances around Japan, Akira knowing that demons were the cause of it. At the top of the school's roof, Dosu-Roku's gang challenge him to a fight however in a matter of minutes they are all defeated by Akira and sprawled out across the roof. Later at the end of school Miki comes to find Akira only for the two to be cornered by Masa and his gang. However, Akira realizes that they had been possessed and hadn't merged with them so he took care not to kill them. He crushes the spiders on the groups head freeing them from their possession. They thank him and agree to join him in his battle against the Demon race.

However as soon as they get outside, they are surrounded by many of the school's more physical and strong students had also been possessed by the Spider Demons and start to attack them. Akira tells the gang to protect Miki while he goes to find the spider's control. The demon Rasber, however, used a perfect copy of himself, he mocks Akira as he forms an image in the sky as Zann the demon general of the Army of 100 Demons issues his commands and taunts everyone. Rasber laughs at Akira and the others and retracts the Demon Spiders. He then attacks and wraps up Miki and the gang in his webbing, Akira battles Rasber and kills him quickly allowing the others to escape.

Jinmen's Torture Display

After departing from the gang, Miki and Akira go back to the Makimura Residence were they encounter a small girl trying to reach for the doorbell. The girl's name was Sachiko and she was a friend of Akira's before he moved away to live with the Makimura's, Akira invites her inside although Miki and Sachiko immediately start to agitate each other.

Akira later takes Sachiko to the train station and put her on the 16:10 Shinkansen and tells her not to make such long journeys on her own anymore, she agrees and the two depart. However later that night, news of the 16:10 Shinkansen's disappearance is announced and almost as soon as Akira learns about this he gets a mysterious phone call telling him to meet him at a local park and then tells him that his little friend was delicious and reveals himself as Jinmen of Zann's troops.

Akira barely retaining his anger flees the Makimura home and goes to a park that Jinmen told him to meet. After waiting around the park's playground a while he sees the face of Sachiko. He calls out to her, she replies by saying "I didn't want to die, I'm so young" afterward more screaming faces appear around her before a laugh is heard and the demon Jinmen reveals himself to Akira. After some brief dialogue the two battle one another but it is not long before that he damages one of the faces on Jinmen's back, shocked by its screams Akira freezes in his tracks. Jinmen then tells him that the faces upon his back are still alive as when he ate a living creature it would become one with his shell never dying.

They continue to battle, but Jinmen gets the upper hand as Akira constantly misses trying not to hit the faces. However, Sachiko screams out to Akira and tells him to smash through her and destroy Jinmen. Begrudgingly he does so and smashes through Sachiko's eye and through Jinmen's chest. Jinmen starts to stumble around before Akira grabs him and rips off his shell, killing Jinmen, the faces on his back, and what was left of Sachiko.

Zennon's Declaration

The next time Akira is seen, he breaks the fourth wall and addresses the reader. He tells them that this would no longer be his own drama but the whole world's, including the reader. He then fades away, and not much later the demon's start to go a suicide march merging into peoples body's at random causing many people to die or turn into demons.

During the panic Ryo finds Akira, Ryo explains to him what the more intelligent demons were doing by sending the lesser demons to merge with perfectly lucid or normal people meaning they would die in the process. However, he also says that a few of the mergings would work but not many. Ryo panics at several thoughts including how humanity will wreak havoc about this. Akira doubts this saying humanity would not be so weak as they had the courage that would conquer fear. However, he is sadly proved wrong when a news report showed the destruction of the city of Tsuringrad which had just been obliterated with a hydrogen bomb, having been fired by the Soviet Union. The report goes on to say that it was necessary to stop the demons.

A few days later Akira reads in a paper about a girl who accidentally killed her two friends with acids ejected from her body, the girl's name was Mikiko Kawamoto. He starts to realize that there would be others like him and that he should form together an army of Devilmen to defeat the demons. Immediately after, he gets a phone call from Ryo telling him to look outside. He rushes out to see a gigantic four-headed demon, the Demon King Zennon. Zennon announces himself across the world telling humanity that the demons were coming to retake the Earth and eradicate humanity just like they did the dinosaurs. He then announces that the attack will take place in five minutes before teleporting away.

Akira realizes Zennon was the demon Amon had nightmares about previously. When he tells the Makimura's to go hold up in their home, he notices a collection of military vehicles go past. He runs inside the house to find Ryo. Ryo tells him that he shouldn't go out to right now, telling Akira to wait for a later fight. To demonstrate, Ryo opens the window to see a massive armada of flying demons across the Tokyo sky. Akira watches the carnage of the demons and decides to leave, Ryo tries to stop him but Akira slaps him and leaves.

Akira goes on a rampage and kills many demons, however, he eventually comes face to face with a demoness named Psycho Jenny who uses her powers and knocks Akira unconscious. Suddenly swarms of demons surround him, Jenny disappears and the demons move in for the kill. But Akira is saved when the demon General Zann comes flying down and forbids them from killing him after receiving orders from his master, which to everyone's surprise was someone higher than even Zennon.

Later Akira later awakes to find himself in a bed bandaged with Ryo looking over him, Ryo turns on the TV and shows Kyoto burning in flames. Ryo berates him about having going outside and tells him that humanity had no chance to destroy the Demons. Akira reveals to Ryo about the other Devilmen and about Satan being the true leader of the demons. The TV then suddenly switches showing the entirety of Russia absorbed in a blinding white light, as soon as Ryo sees this he screams in terror with Akira stunned by what just happened.

Later that night Akira returns to the Makimura home and is glad to see it mostly undamaged. However when inside, he sees several dead snakes around the home. Miki tells him they were attacked by a demon named Rosushido, however, they were saved by the sudden arrival of Meriken-Jo and Dosu-Roku who kill the demon. Akiko comes through and tells them to watch the television saying that the government had discovered a way to defeat the demons, and the newly designed Demon Busters are shown off to the world.

The Devilman Corps

Later after Akira had managed to gather together a small group of Devilmen, Dosu-Roku comes running to him telling him about a young kid who they suspected to be a Devilman. After Dosu-Roku leaves Akira and the other Devilmen join hands and attempt to psychically contact other Devilmen. Unfortunately, they are unsuccessful. They are suddenly mocked by a burst o loud laughter who reveal themselves as the Bonds of Hinduism, they tell them that they would help them and use their psychic abilities to contact the Devilman across the entire world.

Akira is later seen lurking around the anti-demon labs where he grabs Dr. Rainuma the man behind the Anti-Demon Corps, he demands to know where his fellow Devilmen were. He takes him to Mikiko the girl Akira had earlier read about in the newspaper, he breaks her containment tube and tells her what she was before picking her up and flying her away to safety.

Ryo's Betrayal

A little while later Akira arrives at the Makimura home, where the family was waiting along with Dosu-Roku and Masa. Akira, who had had been searching for Ryo, arrives home after having searched for him for a long time. Miki tries to cheer him up and turns on the TV. It goes to the news and it says that they were holding an interview with Ryo, who had something to share with the world. initially Akira thought that Ryo was going to prove Dr. Rainuma's theories false and explain the Devilmen, however instead Ryo shows a videotape. The tape showed Akira's first transformation into Devilman, and at that the others run in fear, Kozo pulls a gun on him and Miki runs in fear. He grabs ahold of Miki but is warded off by Kozo who tells him to get out, Akira tries to explain but starts to doubt even himself and begins to panic. However, he regains his senses and explains that he was Devilman and he retained his human heart and soul. After that, Kozo advises that he still leave as the Demon Busters would arrive soon, he thanks them before saying he would see Miki again soon before leaving. Unbeknownst to him, Kozo and Akiko are taken in his place by the Demon Busters for having harbored a demon.

Akira later finds Ryo waiting for him as the sun was rising in some rubble. Ryo tells Akira that he should let him do what he wants. Akira, angry at Ryo's betrayal shouts at Ryo, but Ryo remains calm and tells him that a new age was coming soon. Akira calmly asks what he meant by this, and decided whether or not he should kill him. Ryo tells him that the demons were no longer attacking and were taking a backseat as they watched humanity slowly crumble, continuing his new age. Akira then starts to realize something. Ryo then tells him that he had Akira merge with Amon not to save the human race, but simply because he didn't want to see Akira disappear alongside the rest of humanity. He finishes by saying that he didn't want to fight the Devilman army and starts to walk away. Ryo says that he wants the Devilmen to come with him into the new era, and with that, he turns and walks off into the sunrise. Akira now realizing who Ryo really was, calls out his name. He turns and briefly looks over before continuing on. 

Afterward, he is joined by Masami Izumi, who is better known as the Devilman Puffurle, He asks her about Satan being as beautiful as an Angel. She tells him about how Satan was an angel who had dared to defy God and was banished from Heaven to earth. She jokes saying that maybe he has seen Satan, he flatly replies saying he had. She turns to ask what he meant but decides against it. Akira had fully realized that his longtime friend and companion was in fact Satan.

The End of the Makimura's

Later Akira runs into Dosu-Roku who tells him the Miki's parents had both been arrested and were now being tortured. Akira tells him to go and gather all the Devilmen he knew. And with that, the entire Devilman army is gathered together as it flies over to destroy the Anti-Demon Corps HQ. The building is slowly brought down, costing the lives of several Devilmen in the process. However, after the building finally collapses, Akira begins to explore the basements. He comes across the torture rooms, after looking through for a while he comes across Akiko's body scarred and bloodied hanging down from some meat hooks. He continues to look on through, and he hears someone faintly call his name he turns to see Kozo in a large torture machine. Akira goes over to him and he has enough strength to call out Kensaku and Miki's name before coughing up his blood and passing. Akira finds the three men responsible, they beg for their lives, but he ignores the pleas and engulfs them in flames.

Afterward, Akira sits and thinks about what had happened. Masami comes and finds him in the basement, she asks what he was thinking and he replies saying that he was still thinking about Satan and humans. He says that he has realized that the humans are no longer worth fighting for as they became even worse than the Demons. But he then realizes that he still had someone to fight for, Miki.

He rushes back to the Makimura residence only see that it had been burnt to the ground and dancing around the flames were Miki's neighbors. They had the body parts of Kenskau, Masa and Miki on pikes being marched around proudly. Akira runs at them and ignites himself on fire wiping out the entire surrounding area. He picks up Miki's head and clutches it in his arms, now knowing he had nothing left to protect and starts to cry.


Akira gathers the entirety of the Devilmen from across the world and prepares for battle. Despite Satan trying to put it off, they are forced into a war by Akira and their two generals Zennon and Psycho Jenny. However, they initially refuse to do so as they had fallen in love with Akira. The two gigantic forces gather and face each other. The war begins and goes on for over twenty years. Unfortunately, Akira loses the fight and is torn in two in the end.

Satan sits with him a while sitting on a large isolated rock in the ocean, Akira stares up at the moon. Satan tells him about their father God and how he created the Earth. Satan tells him how they wanted to save the demons and destroy humanity as they were destroying the world they loved. But they realized too late that this made them no better than their father and begs for Akira to forgive them. Akira, however, had already died with Satan crying, as the Angels descended down around them.

Devilman: One Summers Day

Set not so long after his fight with Sirene, Akira is seen on the beach with Miki and Ryo. When Akira plays in the ocean with Miki, Akira starts to swim out far from the shore with Miki only to notice the sky starting to darken. When suddenly a gigantic Sea Serpent Demon named Doelamale bursts out of the water and grabs Miki. The demon starts to mock Akira as it slowly removes her swimming suit and starts to lick her body. Akira transforms into Devilman and the two battle until he finally succeeds in removing its head.

Shin Devilman

The story begins with Akira walking up to his friend Ryo's house, he notices that the plants had all died and realizes that something was in the ground. He hears a noise inside and crashes through a window to find Ryo being attacked by a Caterpillar demon named Oysnas. Akira transforms and quickly kills the demon setting it on fire and throwing it through the ceiling. He notices Ryo screaming in agony he runs over only to see his surroundings change around him.

Ryo regains his senses and realizes they were in a kind of timeslip and find out they were in pre-World War I Vienna. There they encounter a man who welcomes them in he introduces himself as Harnisch and a young man named Adolf. While nothing seemed to be wrong, the leave but follow the two men to the home of Schultz the head of the local Jewish Bank. While losing sight of Harnisch and Adolf, they find Schultz revealing himself to Adolf after killing the girl he loved. This allows for Akira to find Schultz and quickly kill him. After doing so the Timeslip starts up again and they are placed inside the Timeslip itself where they discover the Court of Hell.

At the court, Akira overhears the court's judge Magistrum planning to distort human history by murdering famous human peacekeepers. Among them was Jeanne d'Arc, however, Akira arrives just as they attempt to strip her of her armor and begins to taunt the demons before they attack him. However, he quickly transforms and proceeds to slaughter them with ease. He walks up to Magistrum and beheads him. Akira goes to comfort Joanne as she is sent back to her proper time.

The two then find themselves on an ancient Greek warship going to attack the island of Samothrace. There, in spite of their small numbers, the Samothraceian soldiers pull out rocket launchers and machine guns and wipe out the Greek ship. Akira and Ryo are taken prisoner where they witness the female demon Nike (who looked like Miki) posing as a God coming down from the heavens and giving advanced weaponry to the people. Akira breaks his chain and sprouts wings from his back and flies to confront her. However, Nike tells the people that he was a demon and the people open fire. Akira merely blows them away from gusts of wind from beats of his wings and chases after the fleeing Nike. He quickly catches up and fully transforms in Devilman, Nike turns to see him and utters Amon's name before having her arm torn from her body and crashing into the rocks below. Akira follows and finds her, where she tells him that she was a past lover of Amon and is nearly successful in reawakening Amon. But Ryo who had been watching comes up from behind and decapitates Nike with a sword.

Next, they arrive in France shortly before the French Revolution erupts. Ryo senses a demon and the two of them follow the scent only to find the source coming from Marie Antoinette. They realize that the demon was harboring itself in her body and the two of them confront her before they are teleported into her body. Inside they find the demon Poirsenus infecting her personality, Akira transforms and attacks headfirst at the demon. Ryo tries to warn him against it saying it would affect Marie also, but Akira ignores this and proceeds to violently kill the demon.

The final jump takes them into America during the eighteenth century where they encounter the Cheyenne Tribe. While they stay there, they make friends with both the chief of the Tribe Crazy Horse and a young girl named Tiana. One day when the two are away from the camp, Tiana and the other villagers are attacked by the 7th Calvary led by General Custer. When the two return they find the camp in tatters and bodies sprawled amongst the wreckage. Motivated purely by anger Akira goes of and confronts the 7th Calvary before slaughtering each and every man.

Devilman Lady

A Match Made in Hell

Following his death at the hands of Satan, Akira’s spirit is cast down to hell due to being a Devilman and has spent most of his time exploring Hell and the new world that replaced his own. He is first seen by the protagonist, Jun Fudo in the Grumech Embassy but nobody else could see him. It was only after Jun had fallen into the pit of hell that she saw images of the past including Akira as Devilman. Once on solid ground, she encounters Akira (but not recognizing him from earlier). While there, Akira protects Jun from demons while explaining to her what she saw and how Hell works. He explains certain events that happened in the past, including his war with Satan. After being cast down into Hell, Akira found a way out of Hell and discovers that history was rewritten so that he and people in his world never actually existed and has been adapted into a graphic novel.

With Jun wanting to escape Hell and get back to the living world, Akira decided to act as her guide. On the way, they encounter the Vlava Army where Jun as Devilman Lady is subdued and Akira has to fight the still fused Sirene. During the fight, Devilman berates Sirene for throwing Kaim away for vengeance, not once but twice when she threw his body into a volcano. Sirene stops and is overcome with grief while Akira gives pointers to Jun on how to fight back against Vlava's army. After a quick run-in with Vlava who explains the cycles of demon evolution, Akira manages to pick up Jun and break through defenses to the next quadrant of Hell. Jun is still going through some issues where she was reminded of how she was violated by Vlava's cult and asks for Akira's help in getting past this trauma. Akira does so by making love to Jun in mid-flight.

As they continue to travel downwards, Akira begins to show Jun more elaborate methods of using Hell's environment to her advantage while explaining to her about Satan. With demons and hell's guardians at every turn, things look bleak but as Jun gets better and the couple grows closer nothing seems to be able to stop them. Akira would comment about how some religions and myths had turned out to be real including the appearance of the Titans. Once at the lowest level of Hell and its cold prison, they find a large demon where Satan was supposed to be but he is not present. Akira leads Jun to the way out and as Jun's psychic presence starts to fade, Akira lacking a physical body cannot make the journey with her. They say their goodbyes, fully aware of each other's feelings.

Devilman Ghost

With Jun gone, Akira decides to interact with the living world as a ghost to gather information. Going through the timeslip, he confronts Lan Asuka on being Satan but even when he pries into her mind he can only get images of time going on. Not getting what he wanted Akira travels the timeslip stopping at certain points to help Jun when she is going through personal crises including on how to control her impulses by possessing a man and even appearing at the Grumech Embassy just to be able to see her. Akira laments that he cannot help the woman he loves the way he wanted.

At certain points, Akira would project his powers into certain objects including a skull Devilman mask to scare off predators attacking Jun. In spite of not recalling Akira's name, she recognizes his abilities and as a way to communicate, creates a costume to go with the mask. Akira uses this costume to fight anyone who would directly harm Jun when she cannot defend herself including Devil Beasts that try to use her for their own pleasures as the Devilman Ghost.


Akira in his giant Devilman form would later be seen by Ryo Utsugi as he traveled through Hell but neither party bothered the other as Devilman was lost in thought. In a twist of fate, Akira is brought to the living world through the fetus of Jun after she is impregnated by a male Lan and Akira takes it over. Akira is glad to be able to protect Jun in the living world but is stunned when she is fused with Lan to become Satan. While looking disappointed about the development, Akira as Devilman agrees to work with Satan against the army of god lead by Archangel Michael, Satan's copy. Akira leads the good-aligned Devilmen but the battle only razes the Earth once again with Akira's fate left undetermined.