Destroyer (MCU)

Destroyer (MCU)


Destroyer (MCU)'s powers and abilities

Superhuman Strength

The Destroyer's large size and construction give it formidable physical power, enough to bat away a car hurled at it, and send Volstagg flying with apparent ease. The Destroyer's immense superhuman strength enables it to effortlessly kill a being of human strength and resilience with as little as a backhanded strike with an open hand. This allowed it to fatally injure a mortal Thor with severe blunt trauma which sent him flying through the air. With more effort, it can kill a Frost Giant or even Asgardian with its strength, as even the combined efforts of Sif and the Warriors Three did not stand a chance against the Destroyer. Only Thor was able to hold his own against it, after fully regaining his powers.

Superhuman Durability

The Destroyer is constructed of otherworldly materials that make it highly resistant to damage. Even when pierced by Sif's Asgardian lance, it was able to continue functioning. Also, no known human weaponry can harm or destroy it, with Mjølnir being the only known weapon capable of harming it.

Odinforce Blast

The Destroyer powered by the Odinforce, which resembles fiery energy, can be unleashed through an aperture in its head. When it does this, part of the facial structure retracts downward into the lower face and the energy discharge lances out in a wide, orange-white, fire like a beam. This beam is extremely powerful, as the touch of it is enough to blast a car to pieces, vaporize a living being (even one as durable as a Frost Giant) or lay waste to any structure (a building, for example) it lays its "eyes" upon. Only beings of incredible power, like Thor, are able to withstand these blasts.

Retrograde Positioning

The Destroyer is able to rearrange the armor pieces that make up its body, giving it a nearly unlimited range of motion. When attacked from behind it was able to face its opponent without turning around by instead fully rotating its arms, legs, and head. This was used when Sif drove a lance through its back and the Destroyer swiftly re-positions itself to blast her.

Sensory Scrying and Partial Possession

The Destroyer is linked to whoever holds Gungnir and recognizes the spear's wielder as its master. The wielder of Gungnir can perceive whatever transpires around the armor and pilot it by partially possessing it, even if they are separated at vast distances across the Nine Realms. Thus, it can be stopped by an attack on its master, should they have left themselves vulnerable to attack. It was first commanded by Odin, and then by Loki. Odin seemed to be able to use it to Frost Giants breaking into his vault, and that Loki was using it to try and kill Thor while he was in possession of Gungnir.