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3+ years member.
Voted: Doctor Strange

I love DC vs Marvel matches.
3+ years member.
Voted: Batman

I love dc vs marvel matches. this is actually a pretty good match up, the tally would have to go to batman because of his ability to overcome situations
3+ years member.
Voted: Namor

I love DC vs Marvel matches. Aquaman takes the cake here just because I don't know much about Namor
3+ years member.
Voted: She-Hulk

She-Hulk is just an attractive Hulk. Superboy has his limits. She- Hulk just gets stronger
3+ years member.
Voted: Quicksilver

I love DC vs Marvel. It was hard to pick which Flash here but I think that all speedsters have one trait in common, COCKY. I give this match to Quicksilver just because of his evil ways
3+ years member.
Voted: Supergirl

Super Girl is the more attractive Super Man. I don't like Super Man but I can't deny his greatness
3+ years member.
Voted: Lizard

I love dc vs marvel matches. With this match I'll pick Lizard because of the intelligence level, even though in Lizard form Dr. Connors really isn't there.

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