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Green ArrowOliver Queen7
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King Ghidorah-
Ronan The Accuser-
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Voted: Larfleeze

I Vote for Larfleeze!
Voted: Team Thanos

I'm Really Sure about This!.
So What about Thanos
Voted: Team Vixen

I Vote for Team Vixen
Voted: Godzilla Earth

I Know that!.
Because Team RWBY can Outnumber Godzilla with 1 vs 4. Because This Team RWBY has Abilities has Teamwork!. However Godzilla Earth about to Win This Battle with Highly-Accelerated Charged Atomic Breath and also with Combined Asymmetrically Permeable Shield. Despite This Fact. Yang won't Kill This 300 Meters Kaiju Monster!. When It Team RWBY Hurt Godzilla Earth Too Much. He will Responds them with Red spiral-Particle Breath, Oscillatory wave, Plasma Cutter, Electromagnetic shockwave and Radio wave absorption. with Many of Abilities for Godzilla Earth will Make Them Win the Battle over Team RWBY!. As Results Poor Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang Won't Stand at Chance Against This Kaiju Monster from Godzilla: Anime Trilogy.
Voted: Solid Snake

I Vote for Solid Snake!.

Rambo will Lose to Solid Snake!. Because Snake is More Superior Stealth and Far Intelligence than Rambo.
Voted: Rambo

I Will Vote for Rambo.

Because He is More Superior Combat, Stealth, Stamina and Agility!. That will Give Rambo Winning Edge to McClane
68 days ago
Rambo is Big Badass Characters!. Because He Unleashes Those Rage and Mow down those Soldiers when He got Full Rage.
Voted: Godzilla Earth

I Vote for Godzilla Earth!

However This Godzilla Archenemy is No Match for Him due to That Asymmetrically Permeable Shield can Block Ghidorah's Attack.
Voted: Bardock

I Vote for Bardock!

Poor Vader got Smashed!.
Voted: Bardock

Nah!, I Don't Go on Bleach Anyways!.

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