Floyd Lawton

DC Television Universe

Deadshot's powers and abilities

Peak Human Condition

As a former soldier and a highly skilled assassin, Lawton is in top physical condition. He is strong enough to go toe-to-toe with John Diggle and come out on top without much effort.

Honed Senses

According to Chien Na Wei, Lawton has very sharp senses, being able to pick up people before even seeing them.

Expert Combatant/Martial Artist

Lawton has shown himself to be a highly capable combatant and martial artist despite his preference in marksmanship during assassination. His skill was enough to be able to easily keep up with the highly skilled John Diggle and eventually even overpower him without much effort.

Master Marksman

Lawton is considered to be the world's deadliest marksman and highly skilled with many ranged weapons. This is partially supported by his proficiency with his eye scope. Lawton's marksman skills are so great, he is said to never miss his mark, earning him the nickname Deadshot from Interpol.

High-Level Intellect

Lawton was able to keep his true identity hidden for up to two years until Oliver Queen used his Bratva connections to unveil his identity to the public.