Floyd Lawton

DC Television Universe

Deadshot's weapons


Lawton laces all his bullets with curare to exponentially increase the chance his victims die as long as the bullet has made contact with the victim's blood stream, even if the bullets barely graze the victim or if the victim is wearing body armor.

Grenade launcher

Lawton used this weapon in order to penetrate Malcolm Merlyn's bulletproof glass.

Sniper Rifle

One of Lawton's weapons of choice include a long-ranged sniper rifle with curare-laced bullets.

Wrist Turrets

Lawton possessed two wrist turrets, one on each wrist which can emit continuous gun shots in rapid fire.

Deadshot's equipment

Cybernetic Eye Patch

This cybernetic eye-patch was given to Lawton by Chien Na Wei to replace his damaged eye, after it was seriously injured by the Arrow. It was later upgraded to act as a sniper rifle scope and also possesses thermal imaging. A.R.G.U.S. agents can remotely access the eye-patch to use it as a camera, seeing what Floyd does.

Deadshot Suit

Lawton wears a suit as his villain alter-ego, Deadshot, when he is out on an assignment. The first incarnation of the suit was little more than a dark suit and jacket. The second and current incarnation of the suit is far better equipped, including an armored chest piece, fully loaded bandoleer and various magazines of ammunition.

Laser Eye Patch

One of Lawton's signature trademarks was the high-tech laser sighted eye-patch that he wears over his right eye to make up for the damage done to it. This eye-patch augments his already-amazing marksman skills, and when combined with his sniper rifle's scope, makes it almost impossible for him to miss his target.
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