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DC Comics

2595 characters

DC Comics is an American comic book and related media company. A subsidiary of Warner Bros. Entertainment (part of Time Warner) since 1969, DC is one of the world's largest English language publishers of comic books. DC Comics produces material featuring a large number of well-known characters, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and their teammates in the Justice League, who are among the medium's most popular and influential.

DC Comics was founded as National Allied Publications in 1934 by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson. The initials "DC" were originally an abbreviation for the company's popular title Detective Comics, and later became the official name. DC has been successively headquartered at different areas of New York City, including: 432 Fourth Avenue; 480 and later 575 Lexington Avenue; 909 Third Avenue; 75 Rockefeller Plaza; 666 Fifth Avenue; and 1325 Avenue of the Americas. DC moved to 1700 Broadway in the mid-1990s, relocating there with Warner Bros. Entertainment's Mad, which had moved from 485 Madison Avenue.

DC Comics' books are distributed to the bookstore market by Random House, and to the comics shop specialty market by Diamond Comics Distributors.

Heroes and villains created by DC Comics

Miri Riam
Mirror Man Floyd Ventris
Mirror Master Evan McCulloch
Mirror Master
Mirror Master Samuel Scudder
Mirror Master
Mirror Master (CW) Sam Scudder
Mirror Master (CW)
Misfit Charlotte Gage-Radcliffe
Misfit (BTBATB)
Miss Bloss Bloss
Miss Martian M'gann M'orzz
Miss Martian
Miss Martian (CW) M'gann M'orzz
Miss Martian (CW)
Miss Martian (Young Justice) M'gann M'orzz
Miss Martian (Young Justice)
Mist Master
Mist Master
Mister Albion Charlie
Mister Albion
Mister Atom Mister Atom
Mister Atom
Mister Banjo Kurt Filpots
Mister Banjo Kurt Flipots
Mister Bloom
Mister Bloom
Mister Camera Harry Sims
Mister Camera
Mister Combustible
Mister Element Alexander Petrov
Mister Freeze Victor Fries
Mister Freeze
Mister Freeze (Batman And Robin) Victor Fries
Mister Freeze (New 52) Victor Fries
Mister Freeze (New 52)
Mister Mind Unknown
Mister Miracle Scot
Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle (Anti-life Equation) Scott Free
Mister Miracle (Anti-life Equation)
Mister Mosaic
Mister Mxyzptlk Mr. Mxyzptlk
Mister Mxyzptlk
Mister Mxyzptlk (CW)
Mister Mxyzptlk (CW)
Mister Nobody Eric Morden
Mister Oz
Mister Terrific Michael Holt
Mister Terrific
Mister Terrific (CW) Curtis Holt
Mister Terrific (CW)
Mister Twister Bromwell Stikk
Mister Zsasz Victor Zsasz
Mister Zsasz
Mister Zsasz (Gotham) Victor Zsasz
Mitchell Hundred
Mogo Mogo
Moloch Edgar William Jacobi
Mon-El (CW) Mon-El
Mon-El (CW)
Monarch Nathaniel Christopher Adam
Mongul Mongul II
Mongul The Elder Mongul
Mongul The Elder
Monitor Mar Novu
Monitor Zillo Valla Zillo Valla
Monitor Zillo Valla
Monocle Jonathan Cheval
Monsieur Mallah Mallah
Monsieur Mallah
Monster Man
Mordru (modern) Mordru The Dark Lord
Mother Night Mother Night
Mother Night
Mothman Byron Lewis
Mouse Man
Mr Majestic Majestros
Mr Majestic
Mr. Mxyzptlk (World's Funnest) Mr. Mxyzptlk
Mr. Mxyzptlk (World's Funnest)
Mr. Star (BTBATB)
Mr. Unknown Jiro Osamu
Mr. Unknown
Mr.Mind Maxivermis Mind
Mrs. Manface (BTBATB) Manfreda Donatella Face
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali
Multi-Man Duncan Pramble
Multiplex Danton Black
Mumbo Jumbo
Murder Machine Bruce Wayne
Murder Machine
Murr The Melting Man Ausiin Snow
Music Meister (CW) Unknown
Music Meister (CW)
Mutant Leader Unknown
Mutant Leader