Gray Dickson

Daywing's powers and abilities

Flashbang Effect

Whenever Daywing gets startled he emits a high pitch sound and a very bright light, immobilising anyone around him. The power and reach of this �??flashbang�??-effect depends on how much he was already expecting an attack. The range of the effect can be up to 100 meters (330ft).

Light Absorption

He can absorb any visible light. This is the main energy for his powers. The more light he absorbs, the longer he can use his powers. The absorption - emission rate is about 1 to 4. Spending 1 hour in full sunlight, the most efficient way to charge his powers, will grand him 4 hours at full power. He can store up to roughly 500 hours of energy. While sunlight is the most effective way of absorbing energy, any source of visible light will do. He can�??t, however, absorb his own generated light.

Audio Absorption

Although not as effective as light absorption, Daywing is able to absorb energy from sound waves. In contrary to his light absorption, he can absorb energy from sounds he created, but not from his own screams or speech. He could hit his batons, or other object, on any surface and absorb that energy. This way he actually absorbs more energy than he uses, but at a very slow rate.

Jump�?� and landing

Daywing is able to jump considerable heights and distances. Using a directional �??flash-bang�?? under his feet, he could jump as far as 60 km (± 37 miles). He could jump outside the atmosphere by doing a �??tripple-jump�?? straight up. He would suffocate, though. Not ending well.

While landing from great heights, he would use his �??flash-bang�?? effect to soften his landing. He could jump from a plane and land without any harm.

Slowed aging

The more Daywing is powered up, the less he ages. If he were to be fully powered all the time, he would never age. Since he tries to have at least a week worth of energy, he will at least live till he�??s 850 years. He could easily live for a few thousand years.

Superhuman senses

Daywing constantly emits radio and invisible light waves. Using both as a radar. This radar sense reaches to about 50 meters (±164 ft) effectively, but could potentially reach a lot further. This way he can create a mental map of his surroundings, even detecting small changes.


Daywing is able to dodge almost anything that�??s slower than sound. His Radar Sense would pick up movement and act to that, as long as it makes sound. The faster the attack, the less time he has to dodge.

Light Control

Daywing is able to absorb, control and emit light. Light is the main source of his powers. He can emit very powerful light-blasts and -beams. He mostly uses his powers to incapacitate his opponents by flashing bright lights. If needed he could puncture through the hardest material, with a very focussed beam (± 1cm across), creating temperatures over 4000 °C.

The extent of his powers are yet to be discovered. He could potentially be a light-energy being, not needing a physical body.

Flashbang Strike

Daywing uses his Flashbang ability when fighting his opponents. Putting Flashbang force behind his punches and kicks, he could easily knock out enemies a lot stronger than him. Potentially knocking out the likes of Colossus.