Gray Dickson

Daywing's History

Early years

Gray Dickson had a simple and easy childhood. No-one really noticed him. He was as average as you can get.

He did sometimes feel a little different, not so average. Those feelings only lasted a few minutes or so, so he didn't pay too much attention to it. He never knew he was a mutant, that�??s for sure. Although his younger sister [c=14867]Jennifer[/c] did show some signs of being a mutant, mainly her golden glowing hair.

Fabulous Gray

As a young adult he started working at night at the local disco, loading and unloading trucks with equipment. One day a truck came around back, but the driver didn�??t notice an old man while backing up the truck. Gray was already expecting the truck and was waiting at the back. He saw what was about to happen and rushed to the old man. He pushed the man away and right at that point the driver saw what was happening. He hit the breaks and some barrels fell from the open back of the truck onto Gray.

Luckily the barrels were full of glitter, so not much harm was done. The adrenaline rush however, woke the dormant mutant gene inside Gray�??s body. As Gray was laying on the ground, breathing heavy from the running, he inhaled some glitter. The glitter somehow bonded with his mutant genes and gave him fabulous powers!

After he found out what he is capable off, he stopped hiding at night and came out during the day. Although his name is Gray, he is now full of color!